Matt Fraser Shares Three-Pronged Approach to ''Dealing With Parents'' on Meet the Frasers

The psychic medium needs to appease his mother-slash-colleague without undermining his own objectives.

By Emily Mae Czachor Feb 10, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Matt Fraser's 3-Step Approach for Dealing With Parents

Working with family proves itself a delicate dance for psychic medium Matt Fraser.

"I turn manipulating parents into an art form," he proclaims in this clip from tonight's new Meet the Frasers, explaining his three-pronged "process" for navigating confrontations with relatives who double as employees.

"This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of," retorts Matt's girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis. But he insists the approach is fail-safe and even offers to "test it" on his mother Angela Fraser, with whom he "had a situation the other day."

During a brief flashback sequence, audiences catch a glimpse of the mother-son tension, which—from Matt's perspective—kicks up when Angela writes "I'm asshole" across a copy of her son's professional head shot. "I am going to turn this around and make her want to work with those head shots like never before," he vows, before segueing into a real-life demonstration of his scheme.

Step one: appeal to ego. "Oh, you look so nice today mom!" Matt says when Angela first enters the room. Step two: with the subject in high spirits, address the issue at hand.

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"There's something that, you know, I was really hurt about the other day," the eldest Fraser sibling continues, once his mother is feeling great about her latest dye job. "You defaced one of my head shots and it really, really made me upset."

In response, Angela points out that it was in fact her son's behavior that prompted the offending Sharpie message. "The way you were talking down to me, the way you were treating me," she recounts, which leads Matt to step three: bribery.

"I'm going to give you a new job title so that you're taken more seriously," he says, offering Angela the newly-coined Director of Special Affairs role and asking her to take over presiding head shot duties in the same breath. Will she accept?

See what you think of Matt's strategy in the full clip above.