You'll Never Guess Brie Bella's Honest Reaction to Nikki Bella's Pregnancy News

By Mike Vulpo Feb 05, 2020 7:54 PMTags
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Still shocked that Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are expecting at the same time? Trust us, you're not alone!

One week after the famous sisters announced they were both pregnant, fans are learning more about how the Total Bellas stars found out the great news.

"We were trying for babies for about seven to eight months. I couldn't get pregnant. We were super stressed out. And I just figured you know what, I'm meant to have one child," Brie shared on the new episode of The Bellas Podcast. "My reaction was, ‘Awe s--t! I'm pregnant.'"

Brie and her husband Daniel Bryan found out a couple of days before Thanksgiving. And to say they are excited today may just be an understatement.

As for Nikki, she was in yoga when she started thinking about taking a pregnancy test. "I'm very connected to Birdie. Maybe this is Brie's baby channeling through my yoga session but it wouldn't go away," she shared. "After yoga, I drove straight to CVS. I grabbed a pregnancy test."

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Nikki continued, "When I got out of the shower and I saw the two lines that said I was pregnant, I think I said, ‘Oh f--k.' I literally sat on the toilet and asked what am I going to do? I don't think this is right. I was just in such shock."

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During the candid podcast, Nikki also admitted to having serious conversations with her sister about the future of her life.

"I was just debating certain things in my life. With the engagement, all of a sudden family was pressuring me about marriage and all this stuff," she explained. "When I feel pressure, I freak and I run. I feel like the runaway bride sometimes…I was like that a few days before [finding out I was pregnant]."

So perhaps that's why Brie's reaction to hearing about her sister's pregnancy was a bit unconventional.

"This is a nightmare. I definitely did not cuss," Brie shared. "I was just like, ‘Dude, you just f—ed your life.'"

Nikki added, "She got so mad at me. Brie didn't really talk to me for a week. She wouldn't even let [my fiancé] Artem Chigvintsev into her house for a week."

While cameras were documenting it all for the new season of Total Bellas, the ladies are happy to report that they are on much better terms today. Nikki says Brie has been so helpful with answering any and all questions. Both can relate to feeling sick all day long.

And with both ladies expecting Leo babies, the best is yet to come!

"Never did I think we would be pregnant this close," Brie shared. Nikki added, "We are a week and a half a part. Technically, our babies could be born on the same day."

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