Serena Williams Dishes On Daughter Olympia's Many Milestones and Her Secret to a Happy Marriage

Serena Williams spoke with E! News exclusively about her latest partnership with Pampers, her daughter's many milestones and her secret to a happy marriage.

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Serena Williams might make juggling her tennis career, motherhood and marriage look easy but it's not—for her, it takes "communication and understanding."

The 38-year-old tennis player is partnering with Pampers and her baby girl Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. to share the launch of a new song, "Pampers Wild Child Wiggle," inspired by the daily dance parties that so many parents have with their little ones.

With this latest partnership, Pampers and Williams are celebrating the joy and fun in parenthood. 

Williams, who recently made her big career comeback and won her first title since becoming a mother, spoke to E! News exclusively about her partnership with Pampers, her daughter Olympia's most memorable milestones and the key to a happy and successful marriage with Alexis Ohanian

Speaking about the reason behind the collaboration, Williams said she partnered with the brand because #WildChildWiggle program was the "perfect match." 

She added, "Children can learn from the songs, dance along and actually enjoy them. It's like a kids' song craze and everyone enjoys having that in their life and I obviously use Pampers 360, they've been amazing and especially amazing for me as a mom on-the-go." 

Read the full interview below! 

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E!: Tell us about Olympia's recent milestones?

Serena Williams: Everything at this phase is new. She is learning to put her own shoes on which is such a big milestone for me because before I had to do it and now I can tell her to do it herself. She is starting to talk, and they don't really speak until they are 2. So she is starting to talk and is learning new words and phrases. She's understanding phonetics and is repeating what we are saying—her first word was "momma"! 

E!: How did that happen? 

SW: I drove her every single day to say it, so "hello!" She also always hears me calling our dog Laura because she is an older dog. So that was her second word. 

E!: How did Alexis feel being behind you and the dog with her first words?

SW: It was hard for Alexis, but he takes it in such great stride. She calls him momma from time to time, but she does also now call him "dadda" and he loves it.

E!: How do you and Alex keep connected while you are both so busy?

SW: It takes a lot of time and effort. He travels a lot. It's about having great communication and understanding. And above all, it's all about [being] loving. That's the most important quality anytime, and it covers everything. We FaceTime a lot. We have prayer time at night. That's really special. We always do that, we try not to miss it a lot. 

E!: What do you want for 2020, for yourself and the world?

SW: For myself, to keep doing what I'm doing and to be a positive addition to the world. I want positivity. There is so much negativity in the world, I think people want more positivity. To say what I want for the world is hard. I only hope for the best.

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(This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)