'90s Kids Rejoice: Dunkaroos Are Making a Comeback This Summer

Dunkaroos are coming back! The snack announced on its new Instagram account that the tasty '90s treat will be back in stores Summer 2020. Read on below.

By kelli boyle Feb 03, 2020 6:15 PMTags
DunkaroosGeneral Mills

Everything's getting a reboot nowadays, even Dunkaroos!

Yes, you read that correctly. The delectable snack '90s kids grew up loving is making its grand return to the snack world this summer. The brand created an Instagram account last week to tease the impending announcement, with its first post being a close-up picture of the famed icing.

The photo immediately prompted excited responses from Instagram users (one of them being none other than Joe Jonas), and now the first ad for the rebooted snack has dropped and it's gloriously '90s-themed adventure.

The ad itself looks like it's straight from the '90s. The first clip shows two people blowing bubbles outside. The guy is sporting the unforgettable frosted tips hairstyle as the text at the bottom of the screen reads, "Frosted tips? Totally not coming back."

The next clip shows a girl rocking out to a cassette tape. As the text reads,"Cassette tapes? Definitely not coming back."

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The next scene shows a group of teens strolling down the street looking like they came straight out of Boy Meets World.

As the caption says, "90's fashion? Probably coming back."

Finally, the logo for the snack pops up. "Dunkaroos," the copy reads. "Definitely coming back! Summer 2020."

It's official, everyone. The snack that broke our hearts when it was taken out of U.S. grocery stores in the early 2010s is coming back, and based on the product photos released by General Mills, the packaging hearkens back to the classic design with bright purple and blue colors.

Summer 2020 is about to be filled with nostalgia. Now we just need an *NSYNC reunion and just about all of the staples of the '90s will have finally returned.

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