Nikki Glaser Apologizes for Body Shaming Taylor Swift in Netflix's Miss Americana

Nikki Glaser's commentary is featured in Taylor Swift's new Netflix documentary Miss Americana. Click here to see her apology to the "Lover" singer.

By Jess Cohen Jan 31, 2020 10:14 PMTags
Nikki Glaser, Taylor SwiftGary Gershoff/Getty Images, Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

UPDATETaylor Swift is responding to Nikki Glaser's apology with an open heart. 

"Wow. I appreciate this so much and one of the major themes of the doc is that we have the ability to change our opinions over time, to grow, to learn about ourselves. I'm so sorry to hear that you've struggled with some of the same things I've struggled with. Sending a massive hug," Swift commented on her post.


Nikki Glaser has issued an apology to Taylor Swift.

The comedian took to social media on Friday to share her regret over comments that are featured in the superstar singer's new Netflix documentary, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana. In the doc, which just premiered on the streaming service, Glaser can be heard making statements about Swift's appearance, as well as her group of friends. The documentary, directed by Lana Wilson, references Swift's past eating disorder struggles.

Following the debut of Miss Americana, Glaser posted an apology to Swift on her Instagram.

"I love @taylorswift. Unfortunately, I am featured in her new documentary as part of a montage of asshats saying mean things about her, which is used to explain why she felt the need to escape from the spotlight for a year," Glaser began her message. "It's insanely ironic because anyone who knows me knows I'm obnoxiously obsessed with her and her music."

Glaser went on to say that she first heard herself in the trailer for Miss Americana last week and was "horrified."

Taylor Swift's Miss Americana Doc

"The sound bite was from an interview I did 5 years ago and I say in SUCH a s--tty tone, 'she's too skinny; it bothers me... all of her model friends, and it's just like, cmon!'" Glaser told her followers. "This quote should be used as an example of 'projection' in PSYCH101 textbooks. If you're familiar with my 'work' at all, you know I talk openly about battling some kind of eating disorder for the past 17 years. I was probably 'feeling fat' that day and was jealous."

Glaser noted that she's also had people say the "same s--t" about her being "too skinny" before and that she knows how "terrible" it feels.

She added, "And I was only bothered by her model friends because I'd like to be her friend and I'm not a model."

"I really have no need to post this other than to apologize to someone who seriously means SO much to me," Glaser wrote. "I only got a couple death threats from die-hard Swift fans, which as one myself, I totally get."

Glaser said that she hopes this apology gets to Swift so that the "ME!" singer knows how sorry she is for "any pain" that she caused. It's also mentioned that Swift's music has greatly influenced Glaser's life and that she'd love to be friends with the Grammy winner.


"In fact, her song 'The Man' is the inspiration for my new hour of material and I feature the song is multiple iterations during my current tour," Glaser concluded her post, adding that she can't wait to watch about 99.97% of Swift's documentary. Along with her comments, Glaser shared a photo wearing Swift's Red era merchandise.

It doesn't appear that Swift has responded to Glaser's post just yet.

Miss Americana is streaming now on Netflix and can also be seen in select theaters.