Sofia Carson "Gently Sunk to the Floor" After Beyoncé Run-In at the 2020 Golden Globes

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 31, 2020 10:25 PMTags

A lifelong idol and fashion icon commends your outfit during an award show. What's your next move?

When the scenario played out for Sofia Carson at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards—and the idol in question was Beyoncé—she reacted the way most of us might.

"I just gently sunk to the floor," the 26-year-old musician, silver screen star and Revlon global ambassador recalls in this sweet and sincere clip from Friday's Pop of the Morning (Carson's sister, who attended the event alongside her, recorded the Globes moment on video). Fans of the "I Love U" singer and former Disney star might remember hearing about her fortuitous run-in with Bey on Twitter earlier this month, though we didn't know details until now.

"I walked into the @goldenglobes & Beyonce told me she loved my dress," Carson shared to the social media platform on Jan. 6. "I'm gonna need a minute."

During Friday's chat with POTM co-hosts Lilliana Vazquez and Scott Tweedie, she explains more about what that minute looked like. "I just sat on the stairs for a few seconds just to take it all in," the guest continues, explaining that she arrived at the ceremony while Ellen DeGeneres delivered her acceptance speech for the year's Carol Burnett Award

"I'm walking down the steps as Ellen is accepting her award and Beyoncé is walking up the steps," Carson remembers. "And, of course, I was like, 'You look so beautiful.' And she looks at me and she goes, 'Oh my gosh, I love your dress.'" 

Her praise was warranted (Carson's pale-pink tulle ballgown by Giambattista Valli turned lots of heads throughout the evening), but the melt-into-the-floor move that followed was, too.

Hear about Carson's close relationships with her fans—as well as the time she met Jennifer Lopez in her dressing room and "literally couldn't say a word"—in the full interview clip above!