The Items The Good Place Cast Took From Set Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

Kristen Bell, Ted Danson and the rest of The Good Place cast reveal what props they took from set after the series finale

By Chris Harnick Jan 31, 2020 5:13 PMTags
Watch: What Would Be in "Good Place" Stars' Own Good Place?

On NBC's The Good Place, the actual Good Place (heaven, if you will), occupants can live out all their dreams. They can travel anywhere, they can eat anything, it's what makes the dead person happy. For Eleanor (Kristen Bell), there's endless margaritas and a bedpan used by Stone Cold Steve Austin in a WWE fight. For Kristen Bell? Well, her Good Place is a little different.

"I would have my family. I would also have every corner would be a nook to nap," Bell told E! News after The Good Place series finale. "I love to nap, and I love to just go offline, like, ‘I'm out, see you in 20!'"

"When you said every corner, I thought you were going to say, ‘Every corn,'" D'Arcy Carden chimed in. "My Good Place would just be every corn."

"Every kernel. Every piece of corn," Bell laughed.

The Good Place Series Finale

"Popcorn," Carden said.

"Hominy, maize," William Jackson Harper added. "I would have an abundance of tacos."

Watch: What Did "The Good Place" Stars Take From Set?

For Carden, she said her Good Place was working on NBC's The Good Place. A sentiment shared by Ted Danson. "My family, yeah, my friends. What would be in my Good Place? You know what, to be honest, I'm in my Good Place. I have to say, I'm very blessed. I'm with someone I love. I have family, grandkids and I get to work with sweet, talented people. I am in my Good Place. That's very Pollyanna, but it's also true," Danson told us.

Jameela Jamil has a different Good Place: "Snacks and orgasms."

And as for what physical items they took away from The Good Place, both Danson and Jamil snagged some wardrobe, Harper took some loafers and the calendar his character Chidi made for Bell's character Eleanor, and Bell a sign to hang in her garden. Manny Jacinto took something for Carden: the necklace his character Jason made for her character Janet.


"Last night after we watched the finale together and we were drinking and crying, Manny pulled me aside—the lovely Manny—pulled me aside and he gave me this…practically proposed to me in a ring box and then I cried more. And then I showed you guys and they cried more and everybody and we all just cried," Carden admitted. "So, I have this forever and ever."

In addition to the suits and ties, Danson took the wallet that Carden's character gave him. Inside are pictures of the cast members. "I thought that was a keepsake that I will genuinely keep," Danson told us.

Click play on the videos above to hear more from The Good Place cast, including the details of Manny Jacinto's own personal Good Place and their keepsakes.

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