Here's What the Cheer Cast Has to Say About Secret Hookups Within the Squad

During an appearance on What What Happens Live, Cheer stars Jerry, La'Darius, Gabi and Monica responded to Andy Cohen's question about any secret hookups within the squad.

By Jamie Blynn Jan 31, 2020 2:03 PMTags

We can, we must, we will...find out more about Navarro College's elite cheerleaders. At least, if Andy Cohen gets his way.

On Thursday's Watch What Happens Live, the Bravo host grilled Cheer stars Jerry Harris, Gabi Butler, La'Darius Marshall and Monica Aldama about everything from which celebs have slid into their DMs—Ben PlattSnookiJ.J. Watt—to whether Gabi's female teammates were jealous of her popularity within the sport. (Spoiler alert: They're not.) And while they were even willing to dish on Lexi Brumback's shocking exit and return, the champions were not flipping out over one question in particular: Are there any secret hookups within the squad? 

While La'Darius looked absolutely stunned, Jerry broke out laughing. "Secrets are meant to be secrets," coach Monica said. "We're not going to spill anybody's tea out here." So, take that for what you will.

Alas, the Netflix stars were not off the hook just yet. Later, during the after show, Andy's eager staff came out to get the answers to all their burning questions, like if they've heard from the Bad Girls Club or how to spot Monica's evil twin, Annette.

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And as for Daytona 2020 training, well, the team is ahead of schedule. "We're feeling pretty good," Monica admitted. "We did take a week off last week but we're trying to stay grounded. This is all very new territory to us, so we're learning as we go. But we're definitely putting in the work and hopefully make ya'll proud in April."

But don't start cheering for a season two just yet. Though the reality show counts Chrissy TeigenEllen DeGeneres, Reese WitherspoonHoda Kotb and just about the entire world as fans, it's unclear whether the cameras will keep rolling. As Monica teased to Andy. "We're just happy to be here."

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