Scott Tweedie Celebrates "First American Birthday" With Sweet Message From Victor Cruz

By Brett Malec Jan 29, 2020 6:09 PMTags

Happy birthday, Scott Tweedie!

Pop of the Morning celebrated Scott during Wednesday's broadcast and co-host Lilliana Vazquez and guest host Wells Adams honored the Aussie personality on his big day.

"It's a blessing that I'm still alive and here and living in New York City. Wow, thank you guys so much," Scott gushed. "This is my first American birthday!" he added.

"You turned one!" Lilliana joked.

Scott revealed he started off his b-day with a sweet surprise. "I got a knock on the door this morning from room service and they had a tray and they were like, 'This is for you, sir.' And I'm like, 'No it's not. It's like three in the morning, what are you doing here?' My girlfriend sent me from Australia dessert to my room, which was lovely. So good start to the day, sugar high!" Scott said.

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Unfortunately POTM's Victor Cruz couldn't be there since he's on assignment working the 2020 Super Bowl, but he did video tape a touching message for Scott.

"I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I just wanted to wish you continued success and love and everything that you're doing in your journey along this process, to you and your family. To all the Australians across the world,' Cruz joked. "I'll see you soon and I'll come with just a small cupcake for you with one candle because that's pretty much I can afford at this point in time and hopefully we'll sing happy birthday, make a wish, the whole thing. Happy birthday, Scott."


Check out the sweet video above in honor of Scott's birthday.