Two Weddings, a Blank Check and the Return of Mursel on 90 Day Fiancé

Two 90 Day Fiancé couples walked down the aisle in the Sunday, Jan. 26 episode.

By Chris Harnick Jan 27, 2020 1:24 PMTags

It's wedding time on 90 Day Fiancé. In the Sunday, Jan. 26 episode of the hit TLC reality series, two couples tied the knot, while others, well, they fought. Anny was offered a blank check from Bryson's grandmother, Mursel made a splashy return and Mike wondered what he should do about Natalie. Let's break it down, with the most dramatic first: Robert and Anny.

After their brewery blowout, Robert knew he was wrong and apologized to Anny by way of some red pumps. When she asked how much they were, he told her it didn't matter. That's the answer she wanted to hear after all those squabbles about money. Robert told Anny he was out of line and his goal is to make her happy. If that's his goal, perhaps he should've given it a second thought when he agreed to go to brunch with Ben and Stephanie, Bryson's grandparents.

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Anny's initial meeting with Stephanie, the porn star granny, didn't go very well, but Anny said since she loves Bryson she wanted to give it another try. The brunch quickly devolved when Stephanie offered Anny money in order for her to return to the Dominican Republic. Ben and Stephanie do not think this relationship is built on anything other than convenience for Robert and said they wanted to offer Anny an out in case she's miserable. Anny, naturally, didn't take too kindly to this suggestion. Honestly, the biggest surprise here was Anny didn't throw a drink in Stephanie's face while she had that checkbook open.


Michael and Juliana
In a very untraditional ceremony, Michael and Juliana tied the knot. How was it unusual? Michael's ex-wife Sarah officiated the wedding. Everybody acknowledged that was a bit strange, but Juliana said it was better because they all knew each other. Michael's son Max gave a speech, as did his daughter CeCe. Michael said he felt so lucky that they were moving on as a family.

Angela and Michael
When will this "saga" end? At dinner, Michael's brother suggested the two move on from the relationship so Michael could just start a family finally. The K-1 visa process doesn't seem to be working. However, Michael said he's old enough to make his own decisions and said he loves Angela and wants to be with her, so now she'll consider getting married abroad to bring him to America on the spousal visa.

Tania and Syngin
After Tania told Syngin her first love was likely her soulmate, Syngin was still smarting. He met with a pal from South Africa and the two discussed it, and Syngin said he was considering going home. Meanwhile, Tania went wedding dress shopping with her family and friends. She wanted to get something untraditional, like black, red of champagne colored. While trying on dresses, she relayed the soulmate conversation and seemed a bit surprised when everybody seemed to take Syngin's side.

Blake and Jasmin
Should they get married? That's what Blake was trying to figure it out. Jasmin apologized for walking out of their dinner, Blake accepted and said it can't keep happening. So, they're back on track and Jasmin's parents arrived for a visit ahead of the wedding. While introducing the families, Blake's mother once again asked Jasmin what she plans to do in the United States. Jasmin said she didn't want to work, rather she wanted to work on her mind and have peace, not actually make any money.

Emily and Sasha
These two went back to Oregon for their nuptials. It was a small affair with just family present, but before they said "I do," Emily's sister had some words with Sasha. Without Emily present, Betsy asked if he promised to love her sister forever. He said he'll love her forever if she loves him. He said he wouldn't cheat on her—"I'm not the persona like that. If she support me, then I will do the same."— and they shook hands.

Mike and Natalie
After the disastrous end to his Ukraine trip, Mike was still licking his wounds. He said he tried to call Natalie, but she didn't answer, so off the lawyer he went to discuss his options with the K-1 visa that's being held up in the Ukraine. His lawyer advised him if he cancels it now, they'd have to restart the whole process, so she suggested he just use this delay and figure out whether he wants to move forward with the relationship.

Just when you thought their journey was over, Mursel called Anna and said he wants back in. So, Anna called the production crew and here we are. Somehow, Mursel got his visa reinstated and would arrive in America just in time for the two to get married during the 90-day period. Like, in order for this to work, she'll get him from the airport and then rush down the aisle. The 90 days are up the day he lands in Nebraska. So, what happened? He tried to explain to his family that he lied about Anna's kids because he loves her. They argued, but then he said his mom probably felt sorry for him and that changed her mind.

Anna explained to her children that he was coming back. The younger kids were on board, but her oldest said son he wasn't sure if he'd attend the wedding.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays, 8 p.m. on TLC.