Tyler, the Creator Becomes Tyler, the Bellhop at the 2020 Grammys And We Have So Many Questions

The Grammy-nominated rapper showed out on the red carpet like only he can. Get all the details on his one-of-a-kind ensemble here.

By McKenna Aiello Jan 27, 2020 12:53 AMTags
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This just in: Tyler, the Creator's 2020 Grammys ensemble caused an earfquake

So much could be said about the rapper's red carpet look at tonight's ceremony, but we'll let the photos tell the full story. Tyler, who is nominated for Best Rap Album, channeled his inner bellhop in a look that really needs your undivided attention. 

The bubblegum pink suit came complete with a matching suitcase (he is a bellhop, after all), a red hat and white gloves. When Tyler, 28, walked out onto the red carpet he opened the suitcase to reveal its contents. 

Drumroll, please... 

Grammys 2020 Red Carpet Fashion

Just a bunch of clothes, presumably from Tyler's Golf le Fleur line.

We have so many questions, but we're not sure there are answers. Perhaps that's the point. Perhaps we're better off not knowing. Experience Tyler's Grammys journey for yourself in our gallery below: 

The Big Reveal

Don't keep us waiting, Tyler. 

Instantly Iconic

A perfectly packed suitcase? We'll take it.


One more without sunglasses for good measure. 

Just a Bit Closer...

But what is the meaning?


A king.