Meghan Trainor Talks ''Emotionally All Over the Place'' New Album Treat Myself on Daily Pop

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 24, 2020 9:37 PMTags

Meghan Trainor's long-awaited album is nearly here!

After three years of writing, rewriting and playing her songs for "strangers" (and Uber drivers), the songstress sits down with Daily Pop to talk everything Treat Myself one week ahead of its Jan. 31 release. Fans of Trainor's music have likely heard those singles out already—2018's "No Excuses" and last September's "Wave"—and it sounds like the record's forthcoming titles will prove just as groovy, especially if Justin Sylvester has anything to say about it.

Sharing her own take on Treat Myself, Trainor and her signature dry wit describe the collection as "emotionally all over the place…and like, a bop," before going on to tease the inclusion of "a lot of dance songs." That said, she notes her father (whose thoughts on this album, alongside the rest of her family's, played a sizable role in its construction) might beg to differ on that front.

"My dad says there's too many slow songs," Trainor continues, though she and Justin agree "it's a great album for the gym," so we might just have to evaluate tone for ourselves next Friday. Either way, it's clear Treat Myself features top-notch tunes from the veteran singer-songwriter.

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"It just was three years of writing and writing and writing until I got songs like 'Wave' and 'Funk,'" she recalls. "And then I was like, 'Oh, every song has to be at this level or it can't make it on this album,' and just kept going."

Of the album's 15 track listings—which Trainor previewed on Instagram earlier this week—there are three collaborations, one of which involves The Pussycat Dolls, who she calls "amazing."

"I grew up listening to their music, so this was a bizarre full-circle for me," she says, discussing the group's vocal contributions to a remixed version of her song "Genetics," which appears on the new album.

Hear more about Treat Myself and Trainor's upcoming tour with Maroon 5 in the full clip above!

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