What You Need to Organize Your Office With Ease

By Carly Milne Jan 28, 2020 4:45 PMTags

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If one of your New Year's resolutions was to get more organized, the team at Daily Pop has your back. On today's show, professional organizer Gilat Tunit of The Project Neat showed us how to take an unruly office space and turn it into an organized wonderland, using a collection of collators, multi-piece desk organizers, and other nifty little boxes you'd never think of using to get your desk in check. And she knows of what she speaks! Tunit has a background in interior design, and she's also a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO). 

At the top of the hour, Will Marfuggi took Tunit into his boss Jen's office to have her do an overhaul before the end of the show, which is not a feat for the faint of heart... but Tunit pulled it off! Revealing a fresh, new look for Jen's office, Marfuggi was shocked. "It does look more productive," he shared, adding, "You did this in less than an hour, but this is an achievable thing!" Tunit gave tips on how viewers could achieve the same results at home, saying it's just a matter of zoning things out, categorizing them, and putting things in their proper places. Watch the video above to see how it all went down! 

"My motto is very simple," Tunit shares. "You don't buy what you don't need." Also? Make sure you're constantly purging, and that you can see what you have so it's more accessible.

Want to get your hands on some of the items Tunit used in her office organization overhaul? We found all her faves online! Shop below, and get ready to feel the bliss of an organized office.

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mDesign Deep Plastic Lazy Susan

Put a new spin on your office organization game, and stash some goodies in this set of turntable storage containers, featuring five compartments that are waiting to be filled with your stuff. And they're ultra durable, too, made of BPA-free, chlorine-free, shatter-resistant plastic, with stainless steel ball bearings that ensures your carousel continues to turn as it should.

Acrylic Magazine Holder

Don't leave your magazines laying around in a pile of chaos! Instead, stash them away in this stylish acrylic organizer featuring a white lacquer-like finish. Sturdy and lightweight, it's a sleek addition to your home or office decor.


Acrylic Desk Organizer Set

Take your desk organization to the next level by employing this three-piece acrylic set. It's definitely up to the task of keeping your stuff in its rightful place. There's a medium tray holder for all your random essentials, a note pad holder for you to put your stationary or notebooks, and a cup holder for all your writing utensils. You'll never scramble to find your office basics ever again.

Acrylic Desk Paper Organizer

Few things are worse than having a mountain of floating papers hanging around your desk. Tame them in this acrylic desk paper organizer, with two trays that offer a decent amount of space to store files, magazines, mail, various printables... pretty much anything paper that you need to file away, but don't have the time to do so. This is a good stop-gap solution, and keeps your space free for other things in the meantime.


Stori Clear Plastic Magazine Holder

At first glance, this would appear to be another acrylic magazine holder. You're not wrong, it definitely holds magazines. But you can get a little more creative with it if you want to, given its design. Maybe stash books or notepads instead, or use it to hold other essentials you don't have a space for. Not only will it help give you more space, you'll be able to see exactly what's inside, so you don't wind up in dreaded Junk Drawer territory.

Russell+Hazel Acrylic Collator

Sometimes you just need to see what you've got going on in an easy-to-digest way. This collator could do the trick, with five dividers for you to file away the things you still need to access, but don't want cluttering up your desk. The piece is finished with a polished edge construction, ensuring it looks chic while it's holding your stuff.

mDesign Tea Storage Organizer Box

While it's true that this nifty little box was originally designed to be a tea organizer, you could use it to help you organize just about anything. Tacks and paperclips? Yup. Rubber bands and erasers? You betcha. Knick knacks and thingamajigs? Sure, why not? It's lightweight with eight divided sections, and will fit easily inside a desk drawer if you don't want it sitting out in the open. Score!

mDesign Plastic Freestanding Water Bottle Organizer

If you've fully bought into the mantra that hydration is key, chances are you have a collection of reusable water bottles littering your house. Not anymore! Just slide each one of them in this stackable water bottle storage system, and they'll be neatly kept instead of taking up space everywhere. You can store other beverages of choice in this unit, too.

Shelf Dividers

When your bookcase is looking a little unruly, shelf dividers can help a whole lot. You can use them to section out little cubbies to hold the things you need according to importance, or substance, or however you like to organize things. Relying on a t-bar pressure mount system, they're easy to install and can be moved around as you need.

Kantek Acrylic Tape Dispenser

Scotch tape may come in its own dispenser when you buy it, but does it truly express your own individual taste and style? We're gonna guess not. Instead, continue the acrylic theme with this chic tape dispenser. It has non-skid feet, so it won't fly around while you're using it, and it's ultra durable, so don't be afraid it'll break if it drops on the floor.

Kantek Acrylic Stapler

If you're going to get a new tape dispenser, you should definitely get the stapler to match, especially because you have such negative connotations associated with your red Swingline. It, too, has non-skid feet, and it's made of durable heavy cast clear acrylic, so it'll last you a lifetime. Trust that you'll find a new passion for stapling.

Kantek Acrylic Mini Sorter

Maybe you don't have that much stuff, but you still need a little something to help you keep it in check. This mini sorter is the perfect solution. Its two small compartments are perfectly sized for holding mail, note pads, post its, envelopes, and all manner of small paper goods that may be floating around your desk. It also features non-skid feet, and it's made of durable heavy-cast clear acrylic.

Kantek Acrylic Paper Clip Holder

Kudos to you, if you're still rocking paper clips... and if you're not, a paper clip holder can come in handy for more than just holding paper clips. You could also use it for binder clips, tacks, or any other kind of knick knack that you use to help you organize your stuff. And the opening is angled, making for easier access so you can grab what you need and go.

Kantek Acrylic Business Card Holder

And last but not least, the perfect showcase for your business cards. You worked hard to get them, so why not show them off? Made of durable heavy-cast clear acrylic, this business card holder will show off 80 of your finest cards, and it's angled for easier access. It's the perfect capper to your newly-organized desk.

Congratulations on getting your office in-check! Now, you can shop to your heart's content without guilt. Add some fab pens and journals to your spotless desk, or consider some nifty sanitization items to keep it clean!