We Have to Talk About Julianne Hough's Scream During Her Energy Treatment

Julianne Hough's demonstration at the World Economic Forum is going viral for an unforgettable scream. See the video for yourself.

By Mike Vulpo Jan 23, 2020 8:07 PMTags

We know Julianne Hough can dance, but these moves are something else.

Earlier this week, the former Dancing With the Stars judge traveled to Davos, Switzerland to experience the World Economic Forum with Dr. John Amaral.

As part of Kinrgy, Julianne participated in a demonstration that is something you need to see to believe.

While a doctor floated his hands above Julianne's body, the actress responded by moving in a wave-like motion. As the process continued, Julianne suddenly let out an orgasmic-like scream as her body moved into some unique positions.

"I feel so much more liberated on the inside that I can speak my truth clearly, stand in my power and not feel overtaken by emotion, my mind and I feel free inside myself to just be," Julianne explained during the demonstration. "Our body is our vessel to hold our energy and that is the most prominent thing that we can take care of."

Sweatin' With the Stars

So how did this unique partnership come about? According to Julianne, she first met Dr. John through Tony Robbins and soon after got to work.

"I just felt like I had energy for days and that was kind of my superpower," Julianne shared when discussing what initially intrigued her. "People would always ask me why am I so positive and what do you do and honestly, it was my energy level. And I didn't know what that even meant."

She shared, "When we started working, John was able to help me access these old stories, these old belief systems, these old conditionings that I had created over 30+ years….and be able to reorganize my whole belief system so my power came from within versus socially or whatever the status quo you had to live up to."

Watch the entire video for yourself above to discover how you can tap into your energetic intelligence. Oh, and make sure to have the volume up!

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