Watch This Genius 2-Year-Old Impress Ellen DeGeneres With His Incredible Intelligence

Ellen DeGeneres met a 2-year-old with a mind-blowing photographic memory. See the toddler accurately identify 11 world flags on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

By kelli boyle Jan 23, 2020 4:39 PMTags
Harry Pile, The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2020Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Ellen DeGeneres just met a baby genius.

In a new episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host sat down with 2-year-old Harry Pile and his parents, Shellie and Steve. The family of three flew all the way to California from Liverpool, England, to showcase little Harry's photographic memory that makes him able to identify every single one of the world's flags, among other things.

As Ellen asked his parents, "When did you notice that there was something going on with him? Did I read this right? He was 12 months old and knew the alphabet?"

As Shellie replied, "Yeah, when he was first born we noticed that his eyes looked really big, and we joked that he looked shocked. So, from then, I'd say about 12 months, he started to be able to identify the alphabet, he could spell his name, he could read his name. Eighteen months he could identify shapes."

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Shapes like flags, for example. The ever eager toddler was curious to look at the world flags sitting next to Ellen, so they got right down to business.

As the host held up various photo print outs of flags, Harry accurately named the flags for Australia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Russia, Indonesia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Cameroon, the Vatican City and Thailand. And he did this all without missing a beat and having a grand old time while he did it.

An impressed Ellen then asked him, "Do you know you're super smart?"

"Yeah!" he yelled excitedly in response. 

The 61-year-old then turned to his parents again and wondered what they have planned next for their son.

"It really is incredible, like what are you going to do?" she asked. "You have to keep challenging him, right? What's the new thing that you're challenging him with?"

Steve responded to this question, revealing a hilarious story about his son learning an NSFW logo.

"He loves logos, absolutely loves them," the dad revealed. "So, I bought him a logo book of all the corporations globally. And we were going through, and I think we were on the page 300, and we got to the Playboy logo."

As Harry chimed in, "The Playboy!"

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Laughing, Steve went on, "It's bad. So, I looked at it, Ellen, and I thought to myself reluctantly. He said, 'Daddy, what's this?' Shall I just skip the page? But you can't do that with Harry. So, I said, 'It's the Playboy logo.' And he goes around telling everybody he loves Playboy."

Don't worry, the bunny-themed outlet isn't the only logo the 2-year-old loves. He also noted Amazon and Netflix's logos as two of his other favorites before he accurately identified the Warner Bros., Porsche, Pixar and Disneyland symbols.

And in classic Ellen fashion, she held up a Disneyland logo and revealed that the show was sending the family of three to the theme park the next day. No doubt, Harry will have the entire map of the park memorized by the end of the day.