Halsey Makes Ridiculous Google Translated Lyrics Sound Just As Good As The Originals

Halsey proved that she can turn anything into a bop during a round of Google Translate Songs on The Tonight Show Watch her and host Jimmy Fallon tackle the hilarious challenge here.

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Halsey, The Tonight ShowAndrew Lipovsky/NBC

She may be bad at love, but Halsey certainly has a knack for cranking out hits.

On Wednesday, she proved that she turn anything into an instant bop on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she was challenged with singing the Google Translate version of popular songs. Joined by host Jimmy Fallon, the "Graveyard" singer effortlessly made her way through the incorrectly translated lyrics—starting with "Like A Virgin" by Madonna, which was translated to "Unwed Woman" by the search engine tool.

Feeling the beat, she sang the iconic song's pre-chorus: "Defeat comes for my thoughts / I went there, my color was sick / But you forced my emotions / Yes you forced my emotion freshly reflect." Then, things got a little weird when it came time for the chorus.

"Unwed woman / For the first time explored outdoors," she continued. "Unwed woman / When your chest hurts they're nearby."

She added, "That's so good."

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For his part, Jimmy tackled Jackson 5's "ABC," which was translated to "Alphabet."

"Texts and texts and math time," he began. "Become parts of the study plant / Ok the girls like listening to the roots / Studying has been stopped / Tea tea tea master parodies it." But, the best part is when Questlove of The Roots chimed in with the background vocals: "She illuminates / Stop-stop-stoooop."

Quickly realizing that the song didn't have the same ring to it with the translated lyrics, Jimmy did his best not to break when he got to the chorus. He continued, "Alphabet, it's as simple as a two / It's easy to restore me / Alphabet, as a two / That's why we had a girl."

Once the verse had ended, Jimmy said, "That was a tough one…It was rough."

Taking the mic once again, Halsey performed the translated version of her song "Without Me," or as Google Translate called it,"You Soft Head."

"Discovered poverty ribs / Expanded glass and then I became smooth," she said as she sang the first verse. "Indicates distance to remain / I became ghost to drop you without friends."

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Taking things up a notch, she belted the chorus: "You have my emotion when you're standing on the ground / Sounds so loud when I'm ripped by the distance / I am single not you why are you high? Word made of air, have you taken depression? / I do not exist you soft head."

Concluding the segment in the best way possible, Halsey and Jimmy joined forces for a Google Translate rendition of The Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way."

Watch the duo sing it out to "I Desire Roads," as the app referred to it as, in the video above!

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