Matt Fraser Crashes Alexa Papigiotis' Pageant Photo Shoot & She's Not Happy

The psychic medium was born to be a star! But how does Alexa Papigiotis feel about this?

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 27, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Alexa Wishes BF Matt "Wouldn't Steal Her Limelight"

She's beauty, she's grace…

Matt Fraser steals the show in this funny clip from tonight's new Meet the Frasers! And steps all over Alexa Papigiotis' spotlight while he's at it. The bedazzled loafers on his feet—much like the psychic medium's "sparkling" personality, as he points out—are difficult to miss.

"I love seeing that crown on you!" Matt exclaims at the clip's start, interrupting a photo shoot that's supposed to star Alexa sporting pageant garb ahead of the Miss Rhode Island USA competition. There are two professionals on set staging and taking her picture, but all eyes turn to Fraser shortly after he enters the room.

"Maybe we could get some of Matt and you together," the photographer suggests. "We have the camera, so why not?"

Something in Alexa's voice says the enthusiasm isn't quite as mutual, but she agrees nonetheless. Seconds later and her boyfriend has the photographer and his partner in hysterics.

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"Matt, you're so used to this," the partner comments, noting that he must "know the camera" since he performs readings in front of one so often.

"Oh yeah," he replies. "The camera loves me."

Papigiotis smiles wide when the directorial pairing suggests they snap a few pictures with Matt wearing her crown, but she makes the internal eye-roll known in a confessional interview soon after (during which she does legitimately eye-roll).

"I wish I had some kind of remote, or an off button for Matt," she says. "Just so he wouldn't steal my limelight half of the time."

Think that's an accurate figure, or do these two balance each other out? See how you feel after checking out the full clip above.