The Jonas Brothers Recreate an Iconic Camp Rock Scene—Side Bangs Included

Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas recreate an iconic Camp Rock scene on Instagram. And yes, they brought back the side bangs.

By Pamela Avila Jan 22, 2020 12:54 AMTags
Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Jonas Brothers, 2019 Billboard Music AwardsFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

Talk about a blast from the past. 

The Jonas Brothers are taking it back today to their Camp Rock days on Instagram—side bangs included. Joe Jonas took to Instagram to share a TikTok of himself and the rest of the JoBros recreating an iconic scene from Camp Rock where the brothers channel their inner Shane Grey (portrayed by Joe), Jason Gray (portrayed by Kevin Jonas) and Nate Gray (portrayed by Nick Jonas). 

Rocking the classic side bangs and cringy early 2000s fashion, the "Connect 3" recreate a scene for the ages. 

"I don't wanna waste my summer at some camp! I'm Shane Gray for crying out loud!" Joe reenacts. 

"Hey man, we used to love this place! Three years ago, we were campers!" Nick says reciting his old line, rocking a curly-haired wig and leather jacket. 

And now, Kevin with the iconic kicker, "This is where Connect 3.... connected." 

Who knows what may have prompted the trio to go back to their Camp Rock roots via TikTok but fans and followers on Instagram were loving it. Wilder Valderrama even commented on the post, "LOLOO." 

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This TikTok ode of Camp Rock and their iconic trio is the last of a series of Instagram posts from the JoBros that have been making us laugh hysterically. 

Last week, Joe and Nick put their acting skills to good use after reenacting another iconic scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians in which Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian got into that infamous fight. You know the one, the iconic "Don't Be F--king Rude" scene from the second season of the E! show.

In the Instagram video, Joe played the role of Kim while Nick portrayed Khloe—who unfortunately had to take some swings from a purse. 

The two brothers did such a good job at recreating this iconic scene that even Kim Kardashian herself noticed it and reacted to the video, writing, "OMGGGGGGGG."

We can't wait for what other content the JoBros have in store for us!