Take E! News' Grammy Awards Quiz to Test Your Music Knowledge!

How much does a Grammy trophy weigh? And which music legends have never won a Grammy?

By Brett Malec Jan 22, 2020 2:00 PMTags

Audiophiles: this quiz is for you!

E! News is testing fans' music knowledge during tomorrow night's Grammys: E!'s Inside Guide special. In this preview clip, Tanya Rad tests co-hosts Erin Lim and Nina Parker's Grammy Awards expertise with a fun trivia game ahead of Sundays 2020 Grammys telecast.

"Question No. 1: how much do you think a Grammy weighs?" Tanya asks.

"Well, they're not very big," Nina says. "I'm gonna go with 2.5 pounds."

"I'm gonna go with 7 pounds," Erin answers.

"Neither of you are correct," Tanya reveals. "Erin's closest, 6 pounds."

21 Years of the Grammy Awards' Best New Artist Winners

So who broke their Grammy seconds after winning it? Who has won more individual Grammys between Beyoncé and Jay Z? And which surprising music legends have never won a Grammy?

Take the Grammys trivia quiz by watching the video above and tune in to our Grammys: E!'s Inside Guide preview special Wednesday at 11 p.m.!