Just when The Bachelor contestants thought they'd seen the last of Alayah…she's back!

It's safe to say Alayah's return isn't a welcome one. In the sneak peek from week four of Peter Weber's The Bachelor season, the remaining 13 contestants react to her return in ways you'd expect: "Drama has risen from the dead."

Alayah, who was eliminated in the Monday, Jan. 20 installment of The Bachelor, tells Peter she's there to, "freakin' set the record straight about what was said about me."

"I'm obviously being lied to about someone," Peter says.

Yep, everybody is pretty pissed off.

"She's manipulating you, the same way she manipulated me," Victoria P. tells Peter.

On ABC's Bachelor Party podcast, hosts Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay tackled Alayah's lies about knowing Victoria as seen in the Monday, Jan. 20 episode.

"'That we would be disqualified,' she kept saying, ‘Disqualified if we knew each other.' I'm like, first of all, this isn't a game," Becca says. "This isn't a pageant that you are trying to win, or get to the next round in. You don't get ‘disqualified.' You get sent home because this guy doesn't have feelings for you. So, for her to pair that word with then saying ‘Oh, Victoria P. and I were friends and allies.' Then why would you tell her not to pretend that she knew you? That didn't add up to me."

The trailer also features Peter's one-on-one date with Victoria F., and the revelation that she used to date Chase Rice, the musician they're seeing.

"I can't do this," Victoria cried after telling Peter about her past relationship.

The Bachelor airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on ABC.

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