Awkwafina Has The Most Ridiculous Answers To Jimmy Kimmel's Questions

Awkwafina gave hilarious answers to Jimmy Kimmel's silliest questions imaginable in a new edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live's "3 Ridiculous Questions."

By kelli boyle Jan 21, 2020 1:44 PMTags
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Jimmy Kimmel doesn't always ask serious questions. Sometimes, his questions are downright silly, and sometimes those silly questions are intentional.

During a new edition of "3 Ridiculous Questions," the Jimmy Kimmel Live host asked Awkwafina three questions he'd never ask during his regular talk-show. And of course, the Ocean's 8 actress' answers were even funnier than the questions.

First up was a "Would You Rather" kind of scenario. As Kimmel asked, "If you could only have one of them on a deserted island: antelope or cantaloupe?"

Her response? "Definitely antelope," The Farewell star replied. "As a companion, you know, a friend. Transport."

Curious, Kimmel followed up, "You think you can ride the antelope?"

As Awkwafina responded, "Yeah, and I hate to say it, but you know..." The star awkwardly cringed for a moment before the host finished her sentence for her.

"Meat source," he said.

As the 31-year-old joked back, "Yeah, sure. And a lot of it. Clothes. Someone will probably redact this one."

Next up, Kimmel asked, "Do you think you will ever go into a sewer?"

And the answer (perhaps unsurprisingly given the star's comedic chops) wasn't no.

As she teased, "I think the way that I live my life, it is a possibility that at some point I would drop something in there."

In response, Kimmel asked, "You think there's a more than 50 percent chance you'll go in the sewer?"

As the Nora From Queens star confidently replied, "I would say 40."

Kimmel's last question was the most ridiculous of them all. As he said, "What in your life do you sniff the most?"

Trying to hold back a laugh, Awkwafina answered, "My cat's head."

Needing more context, Kimmel responded, "You're monitoring the cat, or you just like the way the cat's head smells?"

"Well, sometimes it'll smell like a foreign mouth," she replied, "and I wonder who else has been doing this to my cat."

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"I think there's been foul play," she hilariously added of her cat, Gus.

Kimmel gave his condolences for feline, then the host proposed a toast.

"To Gus," he said. "May no stranger ever sniff his head again." Amen.