Tony Goldwyn Quoting Fitz's Famous Scandal Lines Will Make You Swoon!

By Alyssa Ray Jan 17, 2020 8:41 PMTags

Does Tony Goldwyn remember his iconic Scandal lines?

It's been almost two years since the powerful ABC drama officially came to an end. Yet, we still clearly remember the big moments from the Shonda Rhimes-helmed show.

Thus, it wasn't surprising when Pop of the Morning co-hosts Lilliana Vazquez, Scott Tweedie and Victor Cruz put Goldwyn's memory to the test during his Friday visit to the show. In an attempt to see if the Divergent actor had shaken President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant III from his system, the POTM hosts had him play a round of "Fitz or False."

"So, we're gonna read some lines to you and you have to tell us which lines were Fitz lines or if they were false lines," Vazquez explained to Goldwyn, who is now starring in The Inheritance on Broadway. "Anyone in the world. They could be Fitz, they could be anyone in the world."

"Ok, do I have to identify who they really are?" a nervous Goldwyn inquired.

While Tweedie said yes, Vazquez promised they would "go easy" on him. Although, the POTM trio didn't need to go easy on the Scandal alum as he correctly identified many lines.

Tony Goldwyn Talks the End of "Scandal"

However, he did hilariously confuse an Olivia Pope line for his own.

"'My whole life is you. I can't breathe because I'm waiting for you,'" Tweedie read as a confident Goldwyn looked on. "‘You own me. You control me. I belong to you.'"

"Oh my god! I remember exactly that scene too," Kerry Washington's longtime co-star remarked. "Yeah, that was the rose garden scene, where I was very weepy and I had a big fight with Olivia outside the White House."

When the POTM hosts tried to tell him he was incorrect, he doubled down and informed them that this quote was a trick question. Per Goldwyn, the two characters had very similar lines in that fight scene.

Nonetheless, Scandal had seven seasons, so we're still pretty impressed.

For the entire "Fitz or False" game, including Goldwyn channeling Fitz for Vazquez, be sure to watch the clip above!