Fyre Festival's Viral Breakout Andy King Now Has An Evian Campaign

Fyre Festival breakout star Andy King has some big news this year. Click to read all about his newest business move.

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 17, 2020 5:05 PMTags
Andy KingCourtesy of Evian.

The gift that keeps on giving. 

Up from the ashes of the Fyre Festival rose a hero. He may not have been the hero we wanted, and he definitely wasn't the hero we needed, but nonetheless, he was the hero who gave us one of the most viral moments of 2019. That heroes name was Andy King, and he's here to save the day once more.

When Netflix dropped the documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, the world wasn't ready for the story of Andy and what exactly he was willing to do in order to bring water to the thirsty attendees of the Fyre festival. For those unfamiliar with the situation, at one point, truckloads of Evian water got held up at customs in the Bahamas. Billy McFarland asked Andy to "take one for the team" and use oral sex as a means of getting the water.

Ultimately, the water was freed and Andy never had to provide his services, however, he cemented himself in viral history for a lifetime. On the one year anniversary of the documentary, Evian is repaying his willingness and honoring him with his own custom Evian water bottle. The slogan is of course, "so good you'd do anything for it."  

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But wait, there's more! Andy is receiving a commemorative bottle and 10 lucky winners will have the opportunity to receive a bottle from Andy through his Instagram account. Yes, you too could be a recipient of Andy's water. "Who's thirsty!?" Andy posted along with the big announcement on his Instagram. "On the one year anniversary of my doc debut, @evianwater is releasing a special bottle with a new slogan… all in honor of my infamous team spirit." Infamous team spirit is one way of putting it. 


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It's been a long year of sudden fame for Andy, and honestly, he considers himself just a tried and true citizen doing whatever it takes to get the job done. "At the end of the day, I demonstrated something which was: You know what? Sometimes you've gotta do whatever you've gotta do to get the job done," he told the Los Angeles Times. "Did I actually end up doing it? No. Would I have done it? Maybe. And in today's culture, it's hard to find people that are gonna go that extra mile to get something done properly. I think that really resonated with so many people."