Kelsea Ballerini Fights for More Female Representation on Country Radio

Kelsea Ballerini is hoping for more female representation on country radio. Read her powerful message that is receiving support from her peers.

By Mike Vulpo Jan 16, 2020 7:24 PMTags
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When it comes to country radio, Kelsea Ballerini is hoping for change!

On Thursday morning, the Grammy nominee came across a tweet from a radio station that she couldn't ignore. "We cannot play two females back to back," country music station 98 KCQ in Michigan shared (then deleted) on Twitter.

As it turns out, Kelsea wanted to speak up and address the policy. "To all the ladies that bust their asses to have half the opportunities that men do, I'm really sorry that in 2020, after YEARS of conversation of equal play, there are still some companies that make their stations play by these rules," she wrote on Twitter. "It's unfair and it's incredibly disappointing."

The country singer, known for huge hits like "Peter Pan," "Yeah Boy" and "Miss Me More," took it one step further and posted the Twitter exchange on Instagram.

"I say this having been one of the few women who have been really embraced by country radio and having watched some of the bigger networks (and some of my friends that are pd's and high up) make real changes in their programming to make it look more balanced. I am grateful. BUT. There is still inequality in airplay for women and tweets like this prove it," Kelsea explained on Instagram. "And it's my job to say it out loud and post about it, because of the girls moving to Nashville ( or wherever) that are ready to outrun and outwork and outplay everyone."

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She continued, "They deserve to know that they have the same shot as the guys moving here to do the same. Country music—We have to fix this. For us and for them. How do we do it? Let's talk. (Also- don't lash out at this station, they are playing by rules set for them from their higher ups)."

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The social media posts received support from many in the music community including Jennifer Nettles, Carly Pearce, Ryan Tedder, Karen Fairchild, Cassadee Pope, Maddie & Tae and other artists.

"Proud of you for saying this," Lindsay Ell wrote in the comments section. Danielle Bradbery shared, "Damn this is ridiculous….Love that you posted this!!"

Kacey Musgraves added, "The only think these men are good at is making themselves look like bigger pussies than all of ours combined." Zing!

And while Kelsea was inundated with support, she also received some criticism for her post. Ultimately, the "Legends" singer had the best response.

"It's one station. RELAX!" one user wrote. Kelsea added, "RAY DON'T YOU GET ME STARTED."

After all, don't mess with the "Homecoming Queen."