Dorinda Medley Gets an Important Message From Her Late Husband During a Psychic Reading With Matt Fraser

Watch as the Meet the Frasers psychic medium brings the Bravo star to tears as he connects with her late husband

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Watch: Matt Fraser Reconnects Dorinda Medley With Late Husband

Moved to tears.

Meet the Frasers medium Matt Fraser left Bravolebrity Dorinda Medley thoroughly impressed after a one-on-one reading. Thankfully, cameras captured the intimate sit-down between the two reality stars as their meeting was filmed at Medley's home in the Berkshires, Blue Stone Manor.

Of course, since Medley was nervous ahead of the reading, she decided to have it take place outside the manor.

"I'm gonna have you do my reading outside, 'cause I'm a little bit scared about doing it in the house," the TV personality relayed to Fraser. "You don't open any doors to bad spirits, correct?"

"No. Does a man with sparkly shoes open doors to bad spirits?" the new E! personality quipped. "I tap these three times and I'm back in Cranston, Rhode Island."

Still, in an attempt to calm Medley's nerves, Fraser assured her that he got "a good feeling" about her home. However, he did warn her that "emotional things" were bound to come up.

Fraser made this comment as he claimed he connected with Medley's late husband, Richard H. Medley, before he even arrived at Blue Stone Manor.

"He is so strong when I'm connecting," the Rhode Island-based psychic stated. "What I love about this man is his personality. Because, when I first connect with him, he's like so high energy to connect with you and to speak with you today."

After Richard's spirit asked Matt to take Dorinda's hand, the Bravo star found herself getting emotional. It probably didn't help that the Meet the Frasers lead had an important message for Medley from the other side.

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"The first thing he wants you to know is that you don't have to keep searching for him all the time," Fraser expressed. "He says that he wants you to know about how much he loves you and about how proud he is of you. He says, 'You weren't just my wife…You were my best friend.'"

While Matt acknowledged that Dorinda has tried to move on from this loss, he informed her a "piece of your heart" is still connected to Richard. Amid Dorinda's tears, Fraser assured her that Richard is "like the mayor" in the afterlife.

"That's Richard," Medley joked upon hearing this. "Richard loved people."

Yet, according to Fraser, the late Medley has been reconnected with "best friend" Geraldine Ferraro.

"He just said to me, 'Can you believe Gerry's here?'" Fraser said. "He's like, 'Look it! Gerry's here with me.'"

As Dorinda highlighted, Ferraro passed a year before Richard. In fact, the duo had a close bond as her husband was the deceased politician's speechwriter.

For more of Matt's reading with Dorinda, be sure to check out the clip above!

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