Aidy Bryant Dishes on Her ''Weird and Wild'' Connection to Meghan McCain

Aidy Bryant talks to Today's Willie Geist about her history with fellow Arizonan Meghan McCain in new interview

By Cydney Contreras Jan 16, 2020 1:00 PMTags

Fun fact: Aidy Bryant and Meghan McCain went to high school together!

It's common knowledge that Meghan hails from the great state of Arizona, after all her late father John McCain was the senator for the state for nearly 20 years. But most people don't know that Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant is also an Arizonan. In fact, the two New York City transplants both lived in Phoenix and attended Xavier College Preparatory, home of the gators. 

Aidy tells Sunday TODAY's Willie Geist about this experience in an exclusive interview, in which she jokes she and Meghan are "Arizona gals" through and through. "Isn't that so weird and wild," she muses, adding they didn't exactly know each other since, if her memory serves her correctly, Meghan was a senior when she was a freshman. 

The comedian shares, "You know, her dad had a computer lab named after him, mine did not unfortunately."

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Their connection to their prep school makes Aidy's impersonation of Meghan on SNL all the more interesting. Although, Aidy says Meghan's been rather kind about the numerous skits in which Aidy plays her. "She very sweetly sent me flowers once, which was, I thought, very classy," the Shrill star shares. 

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Willie, on the other hand, wonders if Meghan's gift was a way to "disarm" Aidy. He jokes, "[It's like], 'I'm a person, you know?' Right?."

And Aidy totally agrees. "100 percent, but again I am not an impressionist so she's getting an approximation big time. She should feel quite safe," she responds. 

Catch the full interview this Sunday on Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist, airing at 8 a.m. ET on NBC—or you can listen to their extended chat on Willie's Sunday Sitdown podcast. 

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