The Bachelor's Peter Weber Defends His Sexual Activity on the Show

Does heartbreak await Peter Weber on The Bachelor? A new preview hints at what's to come

By Chris Harnick Jan 14, 2020 2:03 PMTags

This season on The Bachelor…the dram continues, duh.

In a sneak peek of what's to come, the fallout of Champagne-gate continues with plenty of tears and sabotage. Can Demi Burnett whip them into shape?

"Wake up, bitches," Demi says through a megaphone in the preview below. "The queen is back!"

Can pillow fights help these ladies with all of their aggression toward one another?

"Somebody is not being genuine with me," The Bachelor star Peter Weber says in the preview.

Uh oh.

The sneak preview also features the cast trip to Costa Rica, a steamy make out session on a hill and some helicopter trips. "To new beginnings!" Peter declares.The action jumps around South America with many ladies proclaiming their growing love for Peter. "That's crazy," he whispers, as if he knows what the audience is thinking. 

The Bachelor Season 24 Contestants

Last season of The Bachelorette tackled sex and relationships in new ways for the franchise and it seems Peter's season continues that trend. With all the various intimate moments shown in the trailer, including one contestant saying, "Today I realize I was in love with Peter, but if he sleeps with anybody else, it's going to be hard for me to continue to move forward," and another saying, "What I wouldn't do to get you alone in the backseat of a car," sex is top of mind this year.


"Sex is very important for a relationship. I don't know why there's a taboo ‘cause it's part of the relationship," Peter says.

But with sex comes drama. Lots of drama if the preview is any indication.

"How do you just walk away and give up? I still feel it and I want to fight, but there is so much right now that is just destroying my heart," Peter says.

There's also a scene with his mom crying and telling Peter to get a girl back and bring her home. Peter then says, "My heart is, like, broken right now. I'm crazy in love with her and it's not over. She means way too much to me to be able to let her go."

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The Bachelor airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on ABC.