Dina Lohan to Serve 18 Days in Jail for DWI Charge

In early 2020, Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated on Long Island. On Tuesday, Sept. 28, she pleaded guilty and was given jail time.

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UPDATEDina Lohan faces jail time after pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, the Nassau County District Attorney's Office in New York confirmed to E! News that Dina is expected to be sentenced to 18 days in jail and five years' probation for her involvement in a Jan. 2020 car crash. 

Dina's attorney did not respond to E! News' request for comment. A sentencing date has been set for Dec. 3. 

Get more details on Dina's legal turmoil below.


Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, was arrested on Saturday night after allegedly driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of a car accident on Long Island, New York.

The 57-year-old was charged with felony DWI and pleaded not guilty in court on Sunday morning. She is due to appear in court again on Wednesday.

"Dina pleaded not guilty this morning at her arraignment for DWI," her longtime attorney, Mark Heller, told E! News. "She was released and is now at home. She did not have to pay a bail."

He had also told NBC New York, "There was no formal test to establish my client was intoxicated, and we'll be back in court next Wednesday to fight the case."

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According to the outlet, Dina driving a Mercedes around 7 p.m. on Saturday when she hit the back of a Honda CRV, after which she allegedly drove away from the scene without providing any information. The Honda driver called 911 and followed her, along with the police, and found her sitting in the driver's seat with the engine running, according to the felony complaint.

A police officer who spoke with Dina said her breath smelled like alcohol and her eyes were "glassy and bloodshot," and that she was unsteady when she got out of the car, and ended up falling to the ground face-first, the outlet reported. Dina allegedly told authorities that she'd had one glass of wine and refused to take a breathalyzer test, at which point she was arrested, NBC New York said.

Dina's lawyer confirmed to E! News that she opted not to take a breathalyzer.

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Also according to the felony complaint, Dina's Mercedes had an expired registration, and Dina has an open suspension from July 2019 for failure to pay New York State taxes, NBC New York said. In addition to her DWI charge, she was also charged with third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle.

Dina was also arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding on Long Island in 2013. She pleaded not guilty to the charges. Dina was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, issued a $3,000 fine, had her driver's license suspended for one year and was ordered to use an interlock device in her car to ensure she drives sober.

Lindsay has herself been arrested for DUI a couple of times amid a past period of constant legal turmoil that derailed her acting career. In recent years, she has lived abroad, changed her accent, starred in a short-lived MTV reality show about a club she opened on the Greek island of Mykonos, and made many celebrity appearances—sometimes with Dina and the rest of her family.

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