Daily Pop's Morgan Stewart Tears Up While Discussing Her Divorce: "It's Still Very Difficult"

By Brett Malec Jan 09, 2020 8:05 PMTags

One topic hit particularly close to home for Morgan Stewart on Thursday's episode of Daily Pop.

While discussing Julianne Hough and husband Brooks Laich's marriage troubles as of late today, the E! host got very raw and emotional as she opened up about her divorce from ex-husband Brendan Fitzpatrick.

"I've obviously gone through my own struggles in the past year so I definitely wish them the best and I really hope they can figure out whatever is going to make them the happiest," she said.

Stewart, who has met both Hough and Laich, revealed she's "not surprised" by the news they are "spending time apart," adding, "I just had a little bit of a vibe and, by the way, to be very clear they didn't display anything that alluded to them having any sort of problems. They were actually quite loving towards one another. I just felt like maybe having gone through it myself, you can tell when two people are still figuring out their own path and still have things they would like to accomplish and I feel like it doesn't always fall in line with what your partner wants and the person you married. And so it just causes a little bit of a divide and you get confused."

Stewart went on to explain that, "Love and marriage are two different things. You love somebody, you marry them but marriage is an act of work every single day."

When Daily Pop co-host Carissa Culiner asked Stewart if there was a particular moment she realized her marriage was headed for divorce, the Nightly Pop co-host got even more personal.

"I don't think you ever think in terms of, 'We're getting divorced.' I think you think in terms of like, 'Am I going to here in 15 years? Is this really going to sustain itself? Are we really going to be able to get over the hurdles that we have?' And when you really start to doubt that and really not be able to see a future to sort of navigate the way out of the mess you've created, it's just a general feeling that sort of overtakes you," Stewart shared before getting emotional.

As for her and Fitzpatrick, Stewart added, "And ultimately, it was like we are not functioning as two people that are going to be able to bring children into the world, be together at 45, we just don't have that...I now know this was the right choice. We are not meant to be partners. And it's still very difficult for me. It's still difficult for me sometimes."

See Stewart's touching moment in the clip above.

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