Jamie Foxx Took One Women’s Workout Class and Is Still In Recovery

Jamie Foxx hilariously reveals to Ellen DeGeneres what happened the one time he didn't skip leg day. Click to see the hilarious story.

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 09, 2020 6:12 PMTags
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It's never too early to get a jump on those fitness goals for the new year. 

Among his many talents, Jamie Foxx is also known for keeping his body in pristine condition. During his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen DeGeneres used this perfect opportunity to embarrass Jamie a little by bringing up just how great of condition he's in. The host showed a short clip of Jamie doing pull-ups in front of a sunset, and he revealed the one part of his body that is severely lacking. 

"2020 I got to do legs, I don't ever do legs. Because you know brothers don't do legs," he joked about his toned physique. "No, no, no. We're big at the top but sort of small at the bottom. Like I could beat you up, but I can't chase you." Ellen didn't let him off the hook that easy, but leave it to Jamie to have a hilarious story up his sleeve. 

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"I don't see a lot of black guys doing legs. I did legs one time in 2019 and I took one of those female squat classes—a butt burn," he revealed. "Where y'all are just all day, and I couldn't. I don't have calves." While it may be all fun and games when it comes to his own athleticism, he revealed he's not the only athlete in the family. Jamie's actually the basketball coach for his youngest daughter. 

"My younger daughter is 5'8" and she's 11-years-old. She didn't like basketball at first because she plays on the all-boys team and the boys wouldn't pass her the ball," she explained. "But then, 16 points, 12-rebounds, 6 blocks later and she wins the game. She's now like the go-to." 

As for his future as Coach Foxx, it doesn't seem likely he'll be trading in his film roles for a clipboard anytime soon. "I coached one time, but I don't think they'll have me back," he explained. "I get a little too excited and I get on the court, because I don't think they can hear me so I go on the court so I'm in the way. And the ref walked up and said, 'I love Django but you've got to get off the court,'" he shared. 

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Better luck next time, Jamie!