Andy Cohen Grilled LeeAnne Locken Over Her "Racist" Comments on RHOD Reunion & It Was Rough

On tonight's reunion part two, the entire Real Housewives of Dallas cast holds LeeAnne accountable for her controversial comments about Kary Brittingham

By Brett Malec Jan 09, 2020 3:00 AMTags
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Andy Cohen wasted no time holding LeeAnne Locken accountable for her controversial comments during tonight's Real Housewives of Dallas reunion part two.
As fans of the Bravo show are well aware of, a major storyline this season was LeeAnne constantly calling co-star Kary Brittingham as "Mexican" during nasty verbal tirades. At one point, she even called the RHOD newbie a "chirpy Mexican" to Kameron Westcott.
Needless to say, everyone-even Andy-had strong thoughts on LeeAnne's choice of words and whether or not they were racist.
"I feel like it's disgusting. Watching, I'm disappointed," Brandi Redmond said. "I don't want to be associated. I feel like ashamed and it's not OK LeeAnn, it's not OK. To use that over and over and over again is racism."
"I never understood calling someone by their nationality as being something that you could use that label on. I really didn't," LeeAnne defended herself. "Because in Texas, I mean, we use that word all the time, like for everything."
"Chirpy Mexican?" Andy asked as all the other ladies denied LeeAnne's claim.

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"OK, I apologize. The very first time in that hallway, I was in a place where I could not articulate well. I didn't use my words well and I didn't like it when I watched it. I can tell you that," LeeAnne said, adding that she was "mentally not present" during the explosion.
"There were 10 other occasions," Andy said.
"And then the time that I said 'chirpy' was really bad too," LeeAnne admitted. "I agree that was a mistake. I agree that was an error."
"It was a series of errors," Andy added. "I said things that I should never have said," LeeAnne replied.
When Andy asked for Kary's thoughts, she broke down in tears. "I can't even look at her," Kary cried. "You know, she's never once apologized to me."
"You are a racist, LeeAnn," Kary added. "You're referring to me like that, you obviously hated me, maybe because I was from Mexico."
When LeeAnne argued that production crew told her not to reach out to Kary after filming, Cohen firmly stated, "Not true! LeeAnn, that's not true."
"The other thing that's interesting is we've been doing interview for the show for the last few months after you knew that was going to be on there," Andy said. "You kind of doubled-down on your attacks on her in the interviews."

LeeAnne said her interviews were done "earlier" before she saw the footage and Andy hit her with another, "Not true. Not true. The producers were shocked."
"Stephanie, do you think being called out as a Mexican is racist?" Andy asked.

"I do. Honestly, I feel like the things you said were racist," Stephanie Hollman said. "I would like to think you're a better person than that and it was ignorance, but yes, LeeAnne, they were racist. I truly believe that the things you said were very racist."
"You said you sat in Julio Iglesias' lap, do you realize he's Spanish and not Mexican?" Andy grilled LeeAnne, who responded, "No! Hello? No!"
I" really f--ked up and I really and went in a hole and I really very upset and disappointed with myself," she added.
"I believe you did it with bad intentions," D'Andra Simmons chimed in. "I do not believe your that ignorant because I know you better than that."
At the end of the reunion, Andy asked all the ladies to send and apology and LeeAnne's answer was no surprise. "One hundred percent with Kary and to all of our audience," LeeAnne cried, wiping back tears. "I am very sorry. I promise you it will never happen again."

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