Kristin Cavallari Reveals Cheating Rumors Played a Part in Fall Out With Ex-BFF Kelly Henderson

By Alyssa Ray Jan 10, 2020 3:00 AMTags
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What happened between Kristin Cavallari and BFF Kelly Henderson?

That was the question on everyone's mind while tuning into the Thursday season three premiere of Very Cavallari. Thankfully, throughout the episode, the Uncommon James mogul opened up about the specifics surrounding her fall out with Henderson.

"The biggest change in my personal life is that my best friend Kelly and I haven't talked in two months," Cavallari admitted in a confessional. "We've had a major falling out and it's just been breaking my heart."

Jay Cutler's wife still has some good friends in her corner as hair colorist Justin Anderson moved to Nashville and corporate consultant Stephanie "Biegs" Biegel joined the Uncommon James team. Despite this happy update, we were still left wondering about the Kristin/Kelly situation—and we weren't the only ones.

During a night out, Cavallari shared with Anderson and Biegel the reason behind her friend breakup with Henderson. According to The Hills alum, Henderson only reached out to her to talk about the show's production schedule and poorly handled cheating rumors on social media.

Kristin Cavallari & Justin Anderson's BFF Pics

"When season two was airing, there was a lot of talk on social media about Jay and Kelly having an affair. Not for one second have I ever thought that it was true," the True Roots author shared with the Very Cavallari camera. "It wasn't the actual accusations of them having an affair that made me upset, it was how Kelly went about it."  

Amid this drama, Cavallari said the Velvet's Edge founder tried to post something about the gossip and kept bringing up Cutler on Twitter. As this added "fuel to the fire," Cavallari felt her friend "was using Jay for her own personal gain."

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"Why do you want to post about that? To get more attention about it," a frustrated Kristin lamented to Biegs and Justin. "If I was accused of having an affair with your husband, I wouldn't say his f--king name on social media. Like, come on."

Of course, Cavallari attempted to talk to the celebrity hair stylist about the situation, but was met with defensive responses and push back.

"Instead of her just owning her side of it and being like, 'I'm sorry! Oh my god, that was never my intention' or whatever, she kept giving me push back and would get really defensive," Cavallari added later on. "And then, she literally just stopped responding to me."

Understandably, Henderson's silence felt like "a slap in the face" to Cavallari.

"The point is, I feel very used. I care way too much about her to just be like, 'Oh f--k her' or whatever," the mother of three relayed. "But, I'm not willing to just let it go. And I don't know if I'm ready to just move on."

Cavallari shared a similar sentiment with her husband when she revealed she was "emotionally drained" from the drama.

"Like, my best friend could care less about me, unless it has to do with what she can gain from me and you," the former MTV personality informed Cutler.

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While Cavallari knew reality shows "totally messes up friendships," she thought it wouldn't affect her bond with Henderson. In fact, Cavallari said she believed Henderson was "the last person on the planet that would ever be affected by any of this."

"I've completely lost my friend," the lifestyle expert stated.

After hearing all of this, Cutler encouraged Cavallari to take "a little bit of time and space."

We have a feeling that viewers will get to hear Kelly's side of things as her Very Cavallari return was teased in the final moments of the episode.

Will the former friends be able to resolve their issues? For that answer, be sure to tune in to the rest of season three.