90 Day Fiancé's Larissa Dos Santos Lima Sends Heartfelt Apology to Former Mom-in-Law

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is turning over a new leaf before 2020 starts, by sharing a post of her seemingly apologizing to her former mother-in-law.

By Alyssa Morin Dec 30, 2019 2:56 AMTags
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90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima is ready to turn over a new leaf.

The reality TV personality took to Instagram on Sunday to express how sorry she is for her past "big mistakes" with "a former family member," which many are believing is an apology to her ex-husband's mom, Debbie Johnson.

For a refresher, the brunette beauty was previously married to Colt Johnson, whom she starred with on the TLC series. From the get-go, viewers saw how tumultuous their relationship was. So much so that the duo's seven-month romance ended after Colt filed for divorce in January

Leading up to the couple's breakup, the Brazilian native was arrested for domestic battery. She was also seen bumping heads with Colt's mom throughout the reality TV show.

But despite the 33-year-old star's relationship with her ex-husband and Debbie, it looks like Larissa is ready to live by the motto: new year, new me.

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Taking to Instagram, the reality TV personality shared a lengthy post about moving on from her past and looking ahead with a positive outlook on life.

"A new year, a new decade is quickly approaching," the 33-year-old began her detailed post. "While I have been working to better my mind, body, and spirit in 2019, I want 2020 to be the year or renewal and to cleanse all the bad energy from the past. There has been some very negative back and forth between myself and a former family member. This is something I do not want to do anymore. I don't want to fight with her, as it is all in the past."

The TLC star seemingly referenced her court order. A month after Larissa and Colt officially settled for divorce in April 2019, a judge ordered her to do 48 hours of community service and to pay $345 after settling a domestic violence charge.

"My time with the family was a bad phase of my life, and for the three of us it could never work out. Big mistakes were made, and for my part, I'm sorry," she continued. "I have paid for my mistakes by the law with compliance of the court, but I am sorry with my soul for my part in the break up of the family. I have such fond memories of her, and when I think of them, I smile."


Larissa also reminisced about her and Debbie's love for cats and how much she loved eating her steak. "We had a lot of laughter. When I reflect on things, parting from the negative, I acknowledge a lovely woman that I admire," she said. "I do not hate her. I will always have a place in my heart for her."

She added, "For a short time, we were family. I appreciate so much the support of my followers. You encourage me to be a better person every day."

Before closing her message, the reality TV personality asked her many followers and fans to not "insult" Debbie.

"This is something I want to stop once and for all. Yes, I react quickly, but I want to stop this. She does not deserve to be insulted or hurt," the 33-year-old expressed. "She is a good person, and one day I hope to see her in a restaurant or in a shop, and hug her. A genuine, warm hug. Be kind. Tag someone you would like to make peace with."