Get to Know E! News & Pop of the Morning's Scott Tweedie By Checking Out His Latest Pics!

By Alyssa Ray Jan 03, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Lilliana Vazquez, Scott TweedieEric Liebowitz/E! Entertainment

It's time to say, 'G'day!' to Scott Tweedie!

As E! readers surely know, the Australian entertainment reporter was named co-host, alongside Lilliana Vazquez, of the New York-based E! News and Pop of the Morning. Since viewers will be waking up with Vazquez and Tweedie (starting Monday, Jan. 6, 2020), we thought it was time to get to know the 31-year-old TV personality a bit better.

How are we going to do that? By sharing the new E! personality's latest social media snaps, of course.

We know you're curious about the new faces joining E!, so we've done the cyber stalking for you. Don't fret, we doubt Tweedie will mind as he couldn't be more excited to join the E! family.

"I've grown up watching E! all the way from Australia, so to now to be a part of the team in NYC, I can't contain my excitement!" Tweedie previously gushed to E! News. "It really is a dream come true. No matter how you have your eggs and coffee, we will guarantee to serve your breakfast with a side of Cardi B."

We're sure he's counting down the days until the big 2020 premiere. We know we are!

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So, for a closer look at Tweedie's latest pics, be sure to scroll through the images below!

New to the Team

"Nothing is impossible... unless you're talking about Scott Tweedie's chances of making a Super Bowl" Victor Cruz, 2020. Coach and Super Bowl winner @victorcruz put @lillianavazquez and myself through a @nygiants training day at their state of the art training facility in NJ. Coming soon to @popofthemorning"

30 Rock

"Still doesn't feel real... (just like the 3am alarm clocks!). #30Rock @enews @popofthemorning"

Boom Boom Room

"*Looking for any excuse to hire out this area*

Any occasion at all. Taking bookings below."

A Funny Valentine

"I'm coco-nuts about you! Happy Valentines Day (Australian Time) @madsjohn"

Nasdaq Day

"We've got a fever! For more (opening market) bell!!! What a ridiculous opportunity this morning to open the @Nasdaq markets in Time Square! Thank you @comcast @eentertainment @enews for having our #POTM family along."

Mud Mask

"Face mask companies please stop calling for #sp op's!!! (Bonus: final photos of natural ice bath). Our second and final episode of @10travlr in New Zealand airs today on @10peachau & @channel10au Was too much fun with @livphyland"

Snow Bunnies

"Snow and steady long-weekend."

Cozy Cabin Dweller

"Order of events: Upstate. Snow. Settlers of Catan."

Central Park Skaters

"Central Park Skate Club 2020."

Byron Bay Boys

"The boyssssss in Byron Bay."

Holiday in the Sun

"Holiday mode..."

Group Hug

"After every take our film crew puts down their cameras / audio gear and comes in to hug us... I don't get it, but I embrace it."

Ahoy, Mate

"Monday unwind (Or grind as the yachties say) onboard the 95 America's Cup NZ Yacht"

A New Zealand Must Do

"WAIHEKE ISLAND! An absolute gem of New Zealand and Auckland. "

Derby Date

"Rein it in."

Off to the Races

"One race day down, three to go!"

Celeb Chats

"@samanthajade // Bounce. Thanks for dropping by ‘Casa Del Loop Cabana' for a chat and performance on this weekends show"

Desert Getaway

"So good having down time in the desert with some of my best mates."

Hollywood Hike

"It's no Mt Cootha..."

The Wedding Date

"Celebrating Mr and Mrs Buchanan in the most sensational Californian setting..."

Golden Hour

"Californian golden hour."

Pen Pals

"We are still pen pals. How he wasn't nominated for 'best new talent' at the Logies I'll never know... #RangerRaymond"

Three's Company

"A rose between two thorns"

Piña Colada Couple

"I'd like to raise my piña colada to the birthday girl @madsjohn"

Avengers Assemble

"CHRIS: tell the girls to slide across to see Liam..."

Big Smiles

"First script read for 2 and a half Wigs... hard work and good shampoo pays off. Who wants a cameo role?"

Walking Dead Run-In

"I'm dead from this mornings walk #AndrewLincoln #RickGrimes #thewalkingdead"

Slam Dunk

"For street cred can someone photoshop in a ball? Thank you. Also - I'm going to come out of High Jump retirement... watch this space."

Safari Scott

"Today is International / World Elephant Day. Back in Africa I was lucky enough to come up close and personal (sometimes too close) with these beautiful beasts."

Don't forget to congratulate Tweedie and Vazquez ahead of their E! debut.