Meet the Frasers' Supertease Promises Psychic Readings, Pageant Pictures & A Possible Proposal

Psychic medium Matt Fraser has been dating Alexa Papigiotis for many years. Will he get down on one knee this season?

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 02, 2020 2:00 PMTags

You've never met a psychic medium with personality like Matt Fraser's.

The 28-year-old Rhode Island resident juggles interpersonal communication in this realm and beyond in a new supertease video for upcoming E! series Meet the Frasers, which officially premieres Monday, Jan. 13, at 10 p.m. (though audiences eager for a first look can already watch its pilot episode on VOD and TVE, in addition to

"Your mother's got the girdle on when I'm connecting!" Fraser shouts near the dynamic promo's start, which catches him in the middle of a psychic reading. Needless to say, beyond using his abilities to foster contact between attendees and their deceased loved ones, Matt's approach to otherworldly correspondence is far from textbook.

"She's like me!" he continues, still referencing the audience member's girdle-wearing mother. "I just got myself a pair of men's Spanx."

And he wasn't kidding, either. To prove it, Meet the Frasers' supertease cuts promptly to a scene that spotlights the medium's pre-reading preparation.

"I don't care if they call me a scam artist, but if they f--king call me fat I'm gonna f--king cry," Matt tells sister Maria Fraser after she enters his bedroom to find her brother shimmying into a pair of nude-colored compression shorts. If the look on his face is any indication, he's dead serious about this.

The subject of psychic skepticism pops up more than once throughout today's teaser video, mostly due to the dissenting beliefs of Matt's father Rod Fraser, who isn't entirely on board with this psychic medium business (despite the fact that his wife Angela Fraser identifies as a medium herself).

"My father is a skeptic," Matt explains. "We're polar opposites."

Definitely on Fraser's team is supportive girlfriend and former Miss Teen Rhode Island Alexa Papigiotis, who is "doing the pageant again this year." And in more personal news for the couple, Matt reveals he wants to propose!

Take a peek at Meet the Frasers' inaugural season in the full supertease video above!