Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Recalls First Time ''Seeing & Hearing'' Ghosts on Meet the Frasers

The 28-year-old Rhode Island resident remembers discovering his abilities in this clip from the Jan. 13 series premiere!

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 07, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Psychic Tells When He First Starting Seeing Dead People

Matt Fraser sees dead people. Walking around like regular people?

The 28-year-old psychic medium and star of new E! series Meet the Frasers provides some insight into his communication process in this clip from Monday's series premiere.

"When I first started seeing and hearing dead people, I had no idea what was going on," recalls the Rhode Island resident. "I remember being in my room yelling and screaming for my mom to come in and to help me because I was seeing ghosts and hearing voices."

Matt's mom Angela Fraser took her son's claims seriously. But as he goes on to explain, "my mother gave no s--t whatsoever." Instead, she told him to "never be afraid of the dead."

Angela's response feels less bizarre once we consider the fact that Matt must have inherited his abilities directly from her.

Speaking to a room full of listeners during one of his interactive group readings, Matt describes the genetic origins of his sixth sense.

"The gift of psychic ability has run in my family from generation to generation," he says, noting that his grandmother Mary acquired it first before passing it on to Angela, who in turn passed it on to Matt.

Even so, "growing up being psychic was not easy for me," says the former EMT, current full-time psychic. "I tried my hardest to push this ability away."

Find out how Matt learned to embrace his talents in the full clip above!