It's Capricorn Season: See Your January 2020 Shoppable Horoscope!

"Dare to be your unique self and let others do the same," notes spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield. "Beautiful things can come together in unexpected ways when you do."

By Katherine Riley Jan 01, 2020 8:01 AMTags
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It's officially 2020: Welcome to the new roaring '20s, friends! And with this new month, new year and new decade, comes quite a horoscope,

"January ushers in a season that hasn't been here for almost 250 years. It feels like freedom, but at a price," forecasts our resident spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield.  "You have to trade in petty control for real command. Command works with all the elements to bring together wildly different things for a lovely outcome. Control squeezes you and others into uncomfortable space for the sake of appearances. Don't fake it until you make it this year, instead dare to be your unique self and let others do the same. Beautiful things can come together in unexpected ways when you do."

Here are the items to help you be your most authentic self according to your astrological sign this month. Shop wisely and well.  

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"There is a convention of planets for you this month, sturdy goats. The celestial noise can be a bit much, but their company is transformative. Give yourself some noise-canceling headphones and tune into whatever soothes your soul. Change is inevitable, so now it's about being comfortable while it all unfolds."


"You achieve a new level of brilliance this year, my water bearer. Time to invest in something that shines as brightly as you do. Put that diamond cuff on your right wrist to catch the light and sparkle up whatever you turn your hands to this month. No hiding your brilliance."


"You instinctive swimmer, this month has you set to receive major intuitive flashes that can have your poor brain scrambling to keep up. What you need is a good zen garden for mental health breaks. A little time spent here restores balance beautifully so you can use all that insight well and feel your way forward."


"Oh ram, change wells up around you wherever you go. A cashmere cape over that smart pant suit is just the thing to marry the strong and soft within you for perfect success. Remember that others may not love change as much as you do, so let the plush cashmere remind you to tread softly and bravely into that new territory."


"This month has steamy heat waves in the middle of winter when you show up. Put that slinky vamp of a dress on and own the magic of your seductive self. Apply your tempting power wisely and enjoy watching what you love come to you."


"Boy do you have the power of allure working for you this month, clever twin. While usually it's a great conversation that gets your motor going, this month you need to change it up. Grab some lush lingerie to get you out of your head and into your body. You'll enjoy the steam heat it creates and so will that special someone. The problem then is which someone to choose."


"There's no avoiding it any longer, my tender crustacean, some things are finally at an end. Hard as it is for you to let go, add a custom name necklace to remind you that who you are is never defined by what's around you. You are timeless and exquisite, just as you are."


"That closet needs a good clean out, my brave lion. Start the new year with a closet makeover and get rid of things that no longer fit you—in size or in style. Less of what you've outgrown makes room for all the things this year will add to your closet and life."


"My earthy beauty, slow steady progress towards your heart's desires unfolds for you starting this month. Grab a Pilates home kit to keep yourself looking as good as you'll feel wearing success. The strength you build helps you carry all that luck with ease while you kill it in whatever you wear."


"Things are not quite what they seem, my balanced beauty. A good phrase to keep handy is that 'happiness is wanting all you have, not having all you want.' Start with a gratitude journal to count your blessings. You may be surprised and delighted at how much you've accomplished already as the journal fills up beautifully this year."


"You break boundaries this year, like a chick pecking its way out of the shell. Wrap yourself in some velvet, and when you need to tackle any problem just run your hand over the fabric. Whether you go with the grain or against it, it always feels good. So follow what feels good to you to help you choose what to do and you won't go wrong."


"Those winter dreams have power, brave archer, but require patience to see them through. Invest in an indoor herg garden you in the swing of creative beauty. In the heart of winter remember that with a little care and tending, what you want to see will bloom come spring."

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