See Kristin Cavallari's Tearful Fallout With BFF Kelly in Emotional Very Cavallari Supertease

By Emily Mae Czachor Dec 20, 2019 4:00 PMTags

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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler address communication barriers, Kelly Henderson steps down from her role as resident BFF, Justin Anderson moves to Nashville and someone misses their period.

"I am late," a voice that sounds like it could belong to Henderson—the stylist and podcaster who opened up about her fertility challenges during Very Cavallari's previous season—says midway through the reality series' newly-released supertease video. We can't be sure of her relationship, if any, to the pregnancy test that flashes onscreen alongside the narration, though the promo does pan to a direct shot of Kelly moments later.

"I'm freaking out," exclaims Kristin's (seemingly former) go-to gal, clearly stressed. Of course, considering her impending fallout with the titular Very Cavallari star, it certainly seems possible that Henderson's feelings about starting a family are completely unrelated to the upset we're seeing here.

"Kristin didn't hear from you," celebrity hair colorist, Nashville transplant and longtime friend of Cavallari's Justin Anderson tells Kelly, who explains, "I have my own s--t going on."

"How can you not take a step back and understand where I'm coming from?" cries Kristin, also present for the tense and emotionally-wrought exchange. Unfortunately, it looks like Henderson follows that question with a few steps out the door.

Today's supertease also foreshadows more honest conversations between Very Cavallari's reigning power couple headed our way in 2020. "We speak two different languages when it comes to conflict," Kristin tells her husband during a private dinner. So, who do we think she's talking about here? Kelly or Jay?

The retired NFL quarterback doesn't respond in the moment, but fans should feel free to dissect his facial expression—and see Uncommon James' store manager Brittainy Taylor tell boyfriend Jon Stone she's "done"—in the full video above!