Watch Mena Suvari Retrace Nicole Brown Simpson's Final Days in Sneak Peek of New Movie

Exclusive! Watch a sneak peek of The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson which is set to premiere Thursday, Dec. 19.

By Pamela Avila Dec 19, 2019 11:00 AMTags

If the trailer for the new fictional film The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson left you wanting to see more, then you're in luck. 

E! News has a sneak peek of the upcoming film that focuses on an unpopular theory about the notorious 1994 double homicide of O.J Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her companion Ron Goldman

While the trailer has already been criticized for its suggestion that the former football player was not in fact responsible for the murders, it looks like the fictional film is still happening. Instead of O.J. Simpson as the alleged killer, the movie suggests that serial killer Glen Rogers, also known as the Cross Country Killer and the Casanova Killer, committed the crimes. 

While O.J Simpson was acquitted of Nicole and Ron's deaths during the 1995 criminal trial, he was still found liable for the murders in a civil suit that happened two years later. 

The clip (watch above) picks up where the trailer left off, expanding on a scene with actress Mena Suvari (portraying the late Nicole) is walking home with her two children and her friend Faye Resnick (portrayed by Taryn Manning) when they abruptly stop after a brick is thrown into what seems to be window of Nicole's car. 

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"Mom, what's going on?" one of the actors portraying her children ask in the scene. 

Nicole, walking toward the car, looks around to see if there's anyone around. Her friend then asks, "It's him? We need to call the cops. He can't keep getting away with this." To which Nicole replies, "I can't call the cops. You think they're going to do anything? He's drinking buddies with half of the LAPD." 

At the end of the exclusive sneak peek, a man can be seen lurking in the shadows watching over Nicole, her friend and her children. 

Vinnie Zuffante/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, directed by Daniel Farrands, essentially portrays the scenario that Glen (the serial killer) laid out to his brother, Clay Rogers.

In the documentary My Brother the Serial Killer, Glen's brother claims that the serial killer worked at Nicole's house as a painter and decided to kill her, while a criminal profiler Anthony Meoli has also said that Glen was hired by O.J. to commit the murders of his ex-wife and Ron. 

"I'm absolutely certain that my brother Glen killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman," said Rogers, per CNN. "I know my brother did it because I've seen proof that he was there." 

However, Ron's father, Fred Goldman disputes his allegation

"The overwhelming evidence at the criminal trial proved that one, and only one, person murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. That person is O.J. Simpson and not Glen Rogers," Ron's father said. 

Ron's sister, Kim Goldman, also spoke out, saying, "I am appalled at the level of irresponsibility demonstrated by the network and the producers of this so-called documentary. I'm disappointed at the way this story was handled. Is this a confession?"

The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson is set to premiere in theaters and on demand on Jan. 10, 2020. Farrands has also recently directed The Haunting of Sharon Tate

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