Watch Harry Styles Cry Over Pizza in Hilarious Hidden Camera Prank

Harry Styles took part in one of Ellen DeGeneres' hidden camera earpiece pranks and ended up crying over pizza. Watch the hilarious video here.

By kelli boyle Dec 18, 2019 12:24 PMTags
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Pizza, Harry Styles adores you.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the rockstar took part in one of Ellen DeGeneres' classic hidden camera earpiece pranks. This round's unsuspecting participant was a pizza delivery guy.

The host's first instructions for the "Lights Up" singer were to "Open the door when he's there and say, 'Whassup?! Come in, bro.'" Styles followed the instructions to a T, then he had to give the delivery guy a bunch of fist bumps while saying an excessive amount of "bros." Then they sat down with the pizzas together.

Repeating what the host prompted, Styles then asked the guy to hang out. "Here's the thing, bro," he said. "My entourage is stuck in traffic. I'm not used to being alone. Would you mind—this is embarrassing—just, kind of, sticking with me?" Being the nicest person ever, the delivery guy agreed to stay and they opened up the pizza boxes.

Then DeGeneres had him play with the food a bit. As she said, "Roll it. Roll it towards the center. Roll from the outside in." Styles interpreted that to mean he should make the slice do somersaults, which equally confused and entertained the host (and no doubt, the pizza guy as well).

Then she had them stack slices on top of each other, and the guest played along like it was completely normal. (Seriously, how nice can this guy be?!)

Really testing the "Adore You" singer's limits, DeGeneres then made the 25-year-old stuff an entire slice in his mouth and keep it there for a good 30 seconds. She told him to chew it, but it was too much for him to even try, so he had to spit it out. Then he washed it all down with some "tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny sips" of water.

The best part of the whole prank, however, came when DeGeneres told Styles to say, "I gotta be honest with you." And then, she said nothing, leaving the singer to resort to his acting skills.

He began to look confused, torn and teary-eyed before DeGeneres eventually told him to say, "I love pizza, bro," then adding, "I love cheese."

"Oh, listen to this, bro," he continued. "The other day, I heard the most interesting fact about cheese."

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And then, more radio silence. Rather than give him an actual fact about cheese to say, the host made him say he just forgot.

Now, just stop crying and watch the rest of the video to see what happened when the star revealed to the world's nicest pizza delivery guy that he was on TV.