TBT! Watch Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Turn a Skeptic News Anchor Into a Believer

The Meet the Frasers star turned a TV personality into a believer in 2016

By Alyssa Ray Dec 26, 2019 1:00 PMTags

Matt Fraser is the real deal.

As fans surely know, Fraser's psychic medium abilities will be on display on his new E! show, Meet the Frasers (premiering Monday, Jan. 13). And, while Fraser is new to the E! family, he's a seasoned veteran when it comes to being a medium.

Thus, with the Meet the Frasers premiere right around the corner, we thought it was time to give viewers a taste of Matt's impressive gift. As seen in the 2016 throwback interview above (Happy TBT!), Fraser once turned skeptic news anchor Michael Clayton into a believer.

"I'm a skeptic. I'm a person who has always said, 'Man, that's not real.'" The Studio 10 Live host told Fraser at the start of the segment.

This didn't faze the 28-year-old medium, who assured the show's hosts that he "loves the skeptical ones." Per Fraser, "it's usually the skeptics who get read."

In fact, this exact scenario happened during Fraser's Studio 10 Live reading.

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According to Fraser, when he first walked into the room, he connected with a young male who had departed. This spirit was without a doubt connected to Clayton.

"He tells me about the fact that you were so close. But, there was distance between the two of you. That you lost touched with one another," Fraser relayed. "He said to me that he did things he was not proud of here in this world."

Per the psychic medium, the deceased apologized for the way Clayton found out about his passing. Although the spirit acknowledged that he "could not find [his] way within life," he wanted Clayton to not feel guilty about his death.


"One of the things he wanted to come through to say to you today, was that you could not have changed anything that went on in his life," Fraser continued. "He says that he wants to take responsibility for that."

"Oh my god," a stunned Clayton remarked.

Furthermore, Fraser informed Clayton that the deceased "was not in his right mind" during his hard times. Nonetheless, per Fraser, Clayton's deceased friend claimed to be a "guardian angel."

"Let me tell you this, man. I'm a believer now," the male anchor concluded. "This is so phenomenal and what a great experience. I'm shaking right now, because it's kind of surreal."

Clayton wasn't the only impressed Studio 10 Live host as Fraser also brought the other anchor to tears. For all of this and more, be sure to watch the impressive reading above!