This Mistake on Seth Meyers' Family Holiday Card Is the Best Gift of All

Seth Meyers' family holiday card came with an accidental joke.

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 17, 2019 3:09 PMTags
Seth Meyers, 2018 Golden GlobesPaul Drinkwater/NBC

Happy Holidays from Tom—er—Seth Meyers

That time of the year has once again officially arrived: family holiday cards. As is traditionally the case in the final month of the year, family and friends share sweet wishes for their loved ones by way of posed portraits and seasonal sayings. Meyers is known to make the jokes, but this year, his holiday card came with an accidental punchline. 

As the Late Night host shared on Instagram, his holiday cards had another family's names printed on them by mistake. "Happy Holidays to Tom, Ellen and Peanut whose names were accidentally printed on the bottom of the Meyers family card!" he quipped. "I'll admit that if it was just Tom and Ellen it would have been rage inducing but the inclusion of Peanut makes it hilarious. Is Peanut a pet? Probably. But maybe they are a small child or a live-in grandparent."

While the error was a hilarious one, the good-humored star also found a touching lesson in the misprint. "The whole thing is a reminder that the true meaning of Christmas is things will go wrong and the best you can do is roll with it (we cut off the bottoms!)," the SNL alum noted. 

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And, in signature form, Meyers signed off with a quip of his own. 

"Also, if Tom and Ellen received the bottoms of OUR card just know that Frisbee is my wife's cousin and he is a DJ."

While his holiday card may have gone temporarily awry, Meyers has much to be happy about this year, including his four Emmy nominations and the release of his Netflix comedy special, Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby

Perhaps this card story will make for a good bit in his next one.