New Botched Patient Sara Has Santa Claus to Blame for Her ''Rudolph Nose''—Find Out Why!

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Sara shattered her son's illusion about Santa Claus, so he responded by shattering her nose.

On Monday's all-new Botched, the Colorado resident shared how revealing the truth about Santa Claus resulted in a nightmare plastic surgery journey.

"About two years ago, my son came home and he's like, 'I know Santa isn't real.' And he said, 'Tell me the truth,'" Sara explained in a confessional. "I mean, he was like right in my face."

Rather than lie to her son, Sara chose to tell him the truth. Of course, this news didn't go over well with the then eight-year-old. As Sara detailed to doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, her son got so close to her face that he hit her on the bridge of her glasses, causing a break in her nose.

"Sara, small piece of advice for you. Next time you're asked if Santa exists, say, 'Yes!'" Dr. Dubrow quipped to the Botched camera.

Unfortunately, this was only the start of Sara's journey. Initially, Sara was put under by an ENT to fix the break, but "it still didn't look right." She then met with another surgeon, who put her under for five hours.

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Despite the extensive surgery, Sara still had a crooked nose and was plagued with the smell of cat pee. Between the mystery smell and the anti-biotics Sara was forced to take, Dr. Nassif hypothesized that she had gotten an infection.

To make matters worse, after a third surgery, Sara's nose collapsed inwards and turned into a Rudolph nose. Meaning, her nose became purple when cold and red when warm.

Amid examining Sara's nose, Dr. Nassif suspected that her nasal concavity was caused by her previous doctor.

"The doctor did it. Just took too much out of the cartilage," the famed plastic surgeon noted later on. "Whether there was an over aggressive septoplasty or taken too much cartilage here, whatever it is, now she has a concavity."


Even though Dr. Nassif wanted to "take on" Sara's nose, he warned her that surgery could make the color worse. Nonetheless, the celebrity doctor pitched his game plan to fix the bone and build up her bridge.

"We're in," Sara assured Dr. Nassif.

During the surgery, Nassif and his team harvested rib and scalp fascia, inserted a diced cartilage graft, fractured her nasal bones and so much more. Nassif did all of this so Sara could have "a nose as pretty as a Christmas present."

And, like a kid on Christmas morning, Sara was more than thrilled.

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"Before my surgery, my nose had a crooked L-shape. One side was caved in and the tip would turn red and purple," Sara stated post-surgery. "But now, thanks to Dr. Nassif, my nose is straight, the tip doesn't change colors and I just cannot stop looking at it."

Sara wasn't the only happy patient on tonight's Botched. Florida resident Melissa turned to Drs. Dubrow and Nassif after a series of nightmare breast surgeries "stopped my whole life."

After two breast augmentations, a botched corrective surgery and unexpected physical complications, Melissa was left broken and with a "shredded meat fest" for breasts.

"I know I'm never gonna be perfect. I just want to be normal, a little bit," Melissa begged during her meeting with the doctors.

Although Dr. Dubrow wasn't certain about what to do, he had Melissa and her mom join him and Nassif in the exam room.

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"The truth about Melissa's very high-risk breast revisional situation now is that the blood supply's been impaired, there's a ton of scar tissue," Heather Dubrow's husband admitted. "It's going to be extraordinarily difficult to give her symmetrical breasts with good breast shape."

Nonetheless, Melissa signed up for surgery with Dr. Dubrow. While in the O.R., Dubrow and his team had to navigate around a significant amount of scar tissue and rebuild Melissa's breast pockets.

Despite the many risks, Dubrow was able to give Melissa two symmetrical breasts.

"Thanks to Dr. Dubrow, my breasts are beautiful," Melissa boasted post-surgery. "They are scar free, symmetrical and so perky, I don't need any extra padding."

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