Jason DeRulo Reveals His Massive Bulge Was CGI'd Out of His Cats Suit

Jason Derulo talks about his bulge once again, but this time he's giving details about how they CGI'd it during the filming of Cats. Click for more details.

By Vannessa Jackson Dec 16, 2019 6:26 PMTags
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He can't contain himself! 

Jason Derulo is giving more details about his bulge, whether you like it or not. The musician has gotten a lot of attention after a slightly NSFW picture he posted to Instagram got removed before he reposted it. In the sexy image, Jason's crotch was a little too front and center for the Instagram sensors. The musician has had a good time poking a little fun at himself about the incident, but has been far from coy about the details of his body

He stopped by the SiriusXM studios to chat with Andy Cohen for his SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live about his role in the new film Cats, and Jason shared an interesting tidbit about the project. "You're in tights in Cats," Andy noted. "Which makes me think maybe they..." Before he finished, Jason knew exactly where he was going with this. 

"CGI'd the d--k out," Jason shared without missing a beat. 

"Yeah they did, they did CGI the...I noticed that," he confirmed for the shocked host. He wasn't letting up on the idea that his manhood was a little smaller on the big screen. "You think that they airbrushed your penis out of the Cats [movie]?" Andy asked him further. 

"125 percent," Jason revealed. "I literally, I could see it in the trailer." The pair joked about this possibly being his Oscar winning role, and Jason revealed a moment he had with funny lady Rebel Wilson. "Rebel Wilson was talking about it on a show we were on and she was like, 'Yeah we were all naked' and the guy was like, 'yeah and the anaconda pictures,' and she was like, 'I was around that for four months. I know exactly...'"

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Jason talked to E! News earlier this year about his hard time filming and making sure his bulge wasn't the main star. "It was interesting ‘cause we had to wear these—they were like spandex, you know?" he said exclusively. "So, it was, like, very tight, you know? So, it was bulging everywhere. Bulges everywhere and balls everywhere and everything you could possibly imagine."

Luckily, he joked, it brought them closer together as a cast. "So, we were naked in front of each other, so we got very close," he revealed. "And you had to be pretty confident in yourself, you know what I'm saying, to come out every single day, and you know, for months and months to see each other—all of each other."

Jason just gave the world another great reason to go see Cats