Ryan Reynolds Apologizes To the Spice Girls For This Hilarious Reason

A moment in Ryan Reynolds' 6 Underground has people wondering what he has against the Spice Girls. See what he has to say about the comedic moment below.

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Ryan Reynolds does not wanna be the Spice Girls' lover.

The actor's latest cinematic adventure 6 Underground dropped on Netflix this weekend, and one particular moment in the Michael Bay action flick has fans wondering what beef Reynolds has with the iconic British girl group.

During one of the movie's first (of many, many) car chases, Dave Franco's character asks to play some tunes to help him relax. When he turns the music on, "Wannabe" starts to play, but Reynolds' character promptly rips the radio out of the car and tosses it out the window.

The comedic moment got people talking on Twitter.

As one viewer wrote, "@VancityReynolds please tell me you dont realy hate @spicegirls that much #wannabe #6Underground." Chimed in another, "Just watching #6Underground and quite confused on why @VancityReynolds ripped the radio out during a spice girls song. what did they do to you?"

One fan's tweet actually prompted a response from the Deadpool star.

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As they tweeted, "What does @VancityReynolds have against @spicegirls? #6Underground."

Wanting to clear the narrative, Reynolds quoted the tweet and revealed how this moment actually happened.

"The song was added in post production," the actor declared. "I would NEVER interrupt the Spice Girls. Never. Especially during a car chase. That's when I'd need them most. #6Underground."

This spicy moment is proving to be the bane of Reynolds' existence.

During an interview with Yaaas TV promoting 6 Underground, the father of three was asked about the same moment. And as it turns out, he actually requested that a different song be played in that moment.

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"I specifically asked for something else," Reynolds quipped. "Something other like an old 98 Degrees song or something like that, that I would rip out... the fact that Michael effing Bay put in Spice Girls—which by the way, where I'm from, in my house, that's a religion, man. When my wife finds out that I rip out a radio because the Spice Girls is playing, I'm a dead man. They're amazing, the Spice Girls."

We're very glad this got cleared up.