Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Battle It Out Over Holiday Decorations on A Very Merry Cavallari

By Alyssa Ray Dec 16, 2019 4:00 AMTags
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It's a Cavallari vs. Cutler Christmas war!

On Sunday's A Very Merry Cavallari holiday special, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler found themselves with clashing concepts for their Christmas decorations. While the Uncommon James mogul wanted a "clean and very beautiful" aesthetic, the retired NFL quarterback hoped for "over-the-top" holiday decorations.

"Jay grew up in a little teeny-tiny town, called Santa Claus, Indiana. And this place is truly Christmas year-round. You know, all the streets are like Candy Cane Lane and Rudolph Road," Cavallari shared in a confessional. "And he thinks that makes him an authority on Christmas."

Thus, Cavallari and Cutler couldn't help but "battle a little bit" over their home décor. After The Hills alum nixed his flannel stocking suggestion, the American athlete demanded "one more thing" to put up.

At first, the mother of three agreed to put up Jay's Santa Claus figurine, a gesture the Very Cavallari spouse described as "a win." However, once Cutler left the room, the seasonal figurine ended up back in a box.

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"I really love Jay's enthusiasm for decorating for Christmas. However, sometimes there's a few casualties," the Little James founder joked.

The Very Cavallari couple continued to be at odds over their holiday décor, especially when it came to their outside decorations.

"I think I want all white lights, and I want the whole house covered in 'em," the reality star turned CEO informed her husband. "Just like, clean and beautiful. Like, big wreaths, you know?"

"What about getting into the holiday spirit and getting some colored lights?" Cutler inquired.

While trying to find a compromise, Kristin suggested Jay decorate the back of their house in colored lights. Jay countered this offer by suggesting that the white lights be accompanied by "six blow-ups."


"I can't do blow-ups. I refuse to have a blow-up," the True Roots author noted. "I will probably move out."

After some back and forth, Jay seemingly conceded to Kristin's white lights plan. Yet, little to Kristin's knowledge, Jay had plans of his own.

Specifically, Jay enlisted the help of BFF Mark "Chuy" Block to transform his home into a "classy obnoxious" masterpiece.

"This does not sound very much like Kristin's style," Chuy warned.

"It's the exact opposite of Kristin's style," Jay agreed. "I couldn't get away with the inside. That's Kristin's thing."

Per Cutler, he planned to let Kristin pitch her design plan—and then ultimately do his own thing.

"How are we gonna get away with making this happen?" Chuy asked.

"She has a job. I don't have a job," Jay explained. "When she's doing her job, I'm putting up these cool decorations."

As Kristin was busy planning her Uncommon James holiday party and visiting with friends, Jay was able to slowly, but surely collect over-the-top decorations. In fact, on the day of the party, Jay had Chuy swing by the house to execute their plan.

Yet, Jay didn't expect his best friend to be dressed as an elf.

"I love the holidays. I love a good costume. I think I make a good elf," Jay's helper defended later on. "I kind of think I look good as an elf. And, I'm here to help in 'Operation: Jay Griswold.'"

No further explanation needed, Chuy!

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Even though Chuy believed that Kristin suspected something, he was ready to help Jay "shock the whole town" with their decorations. Still, after a successful holiday party featuring Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles, Kristin seemed completely unaware of the surprise waiting for her at home.

Upon driving up to their house, Kristin was met with chic white lights and big wreaths with red bows.

"Wow! Oh my god, it's beautiful," Kristin told her husband. "This is incredible. It's like, exactly what I wanted. It's perfect."

Although, when Kristin entered their home, Jay turned on his tacky lights and décor. Unsurprisingly, this sneaky swap had Kristin at wits' end.

"Jay! I knew you were up to no good," the Uncommon James founder exclaimed.

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