Jay Cutler Dressed as Santa Claus Will Get You in the Christmas Spirit

By Alyssa Ray Dec 13, 2019 6:00 PMTags
Watch: Jay Cutler Is the New Santa in Town!

Santa Claus is coming to Nashville!

In this clip from Sunday's A Very Merry Cavallari holiday special, Kristin Cavallari puts husband Jay Cutler to work during her Little James photo shoot. How exactly? By asking the retired NFL star to don Santa's famous red suit and beard.

This request is necessary as Kristin's Little James models are kids and, as she notes herself, "kids are not going to last very long." Thus, in order to cheer up the youngsters, the Uncommon James mogul needs her spouse to channel his best "Ho-Ho-Ho!"

"They're dropping like flies," the lifestyle guru relays as Cutler arrives. "Can you do me a favor? Can you put on the Santa outfit?"

"I have to play Santa? For the kids?" a stunned Jay asks his wife. "This isn't just put on a costume, this is like play a part."

Before the American athlete even agrees to don the Santa attire, Kristin thanks him for being "the best" and a "good person."

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Of course, the father of three inquires what he gets out of the deal—and Kristin's answer will make you LOL!

"You know what you get," the former MTV star quips.

After the brief back and forth, Jay puts on the costume to entertain the Little James brood. Understandably, Jay's easy-going attitude leaves Kristin feeling suspicious.

"Wow! Getting Jay to put on this Santa outfit was a lot easier than I expected," Kristin notes later on.


Nonetheless, Jay's Santa impression goes over extremely well with the kids. Not only does Jay say hello to all the children, but he also asks what they want for Christmas.

We think Jay is really nailing this whole Santa thing!

"Thanks for coming, Santa! Appreciate it, that busy schedule of yours," Kristin tells Jay.

"Long haul from the North Pole, kids!" the 36-year-old concludes while still in character.

Watch Jay's transformation into Santa Claus in the video above!