How Kendall Jenner Finds the Perfect Holiday Gifts For the Kardashian Family

Kendall Jenner revealed why she's focusing her energy on getting her family nostalgic gifts this Christmas season. Watch the video to see what she had to say.

By Vannessa Jackson Dec 12, 2019 7:39 PMTags
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Time for a little holiday cheer! 

E! News caught up with Kendall Jenner at the Calvin Klein pajama party to chat with the star about her festive holiday plans and what she has in-store for her family this holiday season. The Kardashian family tends to go all out when it comes to celebrating any holiday, but Christmas is pretty much their superbowl. Thankfully, Kendall wasn't afraid to spill a few of the details. 

"I feel like everyone knows at this point, every year we have this big Christmas Eve party, so thats a pretty cool one I wouldn't want to get rid of," Kendall shared about her favorite family holiday traditions. "I'm also trying to start one with my friends at my house like a couple days before. Like a holiday dinner. Everyone brings there own things."

Don't hold your breath for epic party pics, because Kendall still has to iron out the details of her busy schedule. "I'm going to try I'm going to see if I have some time," she revealed about the festivities. "I don't know how much I'll be in LA for all of December." 

As for what she plans on getting her family this year, she reveals that she may hold the title as the worst gift giver in the bunch. "It's not easy. And I'm not a great gift giver, and its hard sometimes when everyone has everything so I try to go a little more sentimental at times so that's the only good way of doing it," she revealed. "Its not easy I'm in the middle of it right now, I was struggling last year, but I'm proud of myself this year." 

When it comes to her plans for 2020, Kendall is more tight lipped, and tends to just roll with the punches. "I'm big on fate and not planning too much, if I don't have to," she shared about her goals in the new year. "I'm kinda rolling with it so who knows. So much has happened that I never expected to happen which is what I think is the fun of life, so I don't know. I am excited to see what happens."

We couldn't agree more, Kendall!