Andy Cohen Reveals Son Benjamin Said the Cutest Word For the First Time

Andy Cohen revealed that his son Benjamin said "dada" for the first time ever yesterday. Read the adorable story below!

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Benjamin Cohen is already talking!

During Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live, proud papa Andy Cohen revealed that his 10-month-old said a special word for the very first time earlier that day.

As he told guest Seth Meyers, "My son said dada today for the first time. He said it about me." Be still, our beating hearts! Despite the exciting moment, Cohen unfortunately was just shy of hearing it. As the host explained, "I closed the door to leave and he goes, 'Dada.' So, I didn't' hear it."

The 51-year-old didn't specify if his son's "dada" moment was the first time he ever said a word or if it was just his first time addressing his father, but regardless, this is a moment for the baby books.

Meyers—who has two sons, Ashe Meyers, 3, and Axel Meyers, 1, with wife Alexi Ashe—then shared an equally adorable story about his youngest son's baby talk.

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As he revealed, "My [18-month-old] always says bye like right after it's too late. We'll say, 'Say bye. Say bye to your grandparents,' and nothing. And the minute they leave, he's like, 'Bye.'"

As Cohen quipped in response, "He's your son."

Cohen is having the absolute best time being a dad.

The star shares photos of his son on Instagram all the time—frequently accompanied by his beloved pup, Wacha, of course—and his fans live for it.

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Most recently, Cohen gave an update on his and his little guy's Thanksgiving festivities. Sharing the sweetest photo of Benjamin sitting on his lap, the TV star wrote, "We had THE BEST time in St. Louis! #happythanksgivng."

On their way out of town before the holiday, the Real Housewives executive producer shared a video of him feeding his son a bottle while waiting to catch a flight.

In the sweet video, he sings, "I'm the dad at the airport feeding his son at the gate on the day before Thanksgiving! That's who I am. That's who I've become. This is different."

Unfortunately, Benjamin was too busy drinking his lunch to chime in with a chorus of "dada's." Maybe next year.

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