Why Maddison Brown Is the Partner Liam Hemsworth Needs Now

Still recovering from the end of his decade-long romance with Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth has found solace in the arms of fellow Australian actor Maddison Brown. Could she be his end game?

By Sarah Grossbart Dec 11, 2019 7:30 PMTags

Maddison Brown has already called it—she and Liam Hemsworth won't ever be walking down the aisle. 

Though, to be fair, that was before she dreamed it was even a remote possibility that she'd end up with the impossibly good looking actor, he of the impossibly good looking band of brothers. She had been asked in a June appearance on the Zach Sang Show to play a round of "F, Marry, Kill" with Hugh Jackman, Margot Robie and both Liam and Chris Hemsworth, as one is from time to time, particularly when they're Australian. 

"I want both of the Hemsworths," she declared. "I'm gonna kill Hugh Jackman, I'm gonna marry Margot Robbie, because I would like to f--k her for life, and then I will f--k the Hemsworth brothers, but at the same time, both of them."

Exchanging vows with them was a firm no, though, she insisted: "I couldn't marry them. I'm too insecure. I would be like, 'You're too attractive. You are never allowed to leave the house.'"

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Fortunately she was joking. At least we'll assume, as the 29-year-old has been spotted outdoors in the months since the pair's romance was outed during an October date in New York City. 

And while legally entwining themselves seems ages off at this point, it's good to know that it's least a possibility, things going awfully well between the attractive Australians thus far. "It's very new," a source told People back in October. "Liam is taking it slow, but he's definitely interested in her." 

The 22-year-old actress—currently appearing in season three of CW's Dynasty reboot—has at least mastered the first rule of dating a Hemsworth: Try not to talk about dating a Hemsworth. 

Asked in a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph's Confidential if she was single, she responded, "I'm not answering that question. My rule is not talking about my personal life." 

Or posting about it, her Instagram feed still a Hemsworth-free zone. "I think it's important to have a healthy relationship with how we all use social media and just in general for all of us to not constantly over share," she said. "That's something that I've definitely been more aware of not oversharing too much on Instagram. I've been pretty consistent with maintaining my privacy."

By virtue of his career—a star-making gig in the Hunger Games trilogy followed by the lead in 2016's Independence Day: Resurgence—and his decade-long romance with one of the world's most recognizable singers it's pretty much impossible for Hemsworth to keep his life private, but he's been giving it the ol' college try as of late. 

Even before he and Miley Cyrus threw together their somewhat spontaneous late 2018 vows, they'd been making an effort to be more guarded with the details of their romance. And now that the whole thing has come unraveled, Hemsworth has been even more fastidious about keeping things to himself. 

"This is a private matter and I have not made, nor will I be making, any comments to any journalists or media outlets," he wrote on Instagram, following their split announcement. He'd already had to brush off a bold reporter from the Daily Mail with a brisk, "I don't want to talk about it mate," and was eager to make clear that he really meant it. "It makes him uncomfortable that everything has been so public," a source told E! News. "It's been a difficult few weeks for him. 

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Silence is a strategy that works for Brown, who's taken a measured approach to appearing on a CW show and the instant fan base that can come with that. 

"I've never pursued fame to be famous, but I have always understood fame as being a by-product of success," she told Confidential. The public scrutiny was strange, she admitted, "But again, I can understand it from an objective point of view why people are interested and again, it's not really in my day-to-day reality....I understand it, it's human nature...everyone wants gossip. It doesn't really bother me too much I don't really pay attention to it."

Months into her gig as Kirby Anders, daughter of the Carrington family butler, she mused to Australian Vogue last year, "I don't know if anyone really….signs up for a show thinking that they're going to become really famous. That's something that I haven't thought too much about, I've just been focusing on doing a good job and being present in the moment, and whatever arises, I'll take it as it comes. But I've not been worrying myself too much with that."

So far what's comes is an impressive, but manageable social media following of 566,000 which means the former model, whose resume includes roles alongside Nicole Kidman in 2015's Strangerland and on Australian drama The Kettering Incident, is undeniable famous but she and Hemsworth still have a shot of slipping out for a date night unnoticed. 


They were definitely seen walking hand-in-hand through New York City's West Village neighborhood before settling in for lunch and cocktails at coffee bar Sant Ambroeus in October. And engaging in a little sidewalk kissing the next day. But it's likely we missed at least a handful before that, with an onlooker pegging the pair's comfort level more as third or fourth date situation: "It didn't look like a first date," the source told E! News. "They held hands and walked very close to each other. They were having fun together and seemed very close."

And per People, the two had "known each other for a few weeks" at that point. 

So there's at least a chance at a modicum of privacy, which would certainly be a relief for Hemsworth, who told Australian GQ in May, "Sometimes I don't want to be the center of attention. I just want to sit in the back and be quiet and have no one bother me."

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What he does want is a partner with a sense of humor to match his own, touting how he and then-wife spent much of their days laughing. 

I love a prank," he told the outlet. "She's super wacky. I'm super wacky. And together, it brings out the wackiness." So score one for Brown, who used Halloween to trot out a spot-on homage of Kylie Jenner down to her well-lined lips and rendition of "Rise and Shine". 

Plus they have a whole litany of other similarities. "Both being Aussies, their love for the beach and the fact that they share careers has bonded them," the source tells People. "They are a very cute couple." 

Whether or not they're destined for an eternity of Brown attempting to shield the Arkansas star's attractiveness remains to be seen, but for now those close to him are just happy to see him smiling. And sister-in-law Elsa Pataky, for one, has already declared, "He deserves much better," a statement some are viewing as a not-so-subtle dig at Cyrus, who has since moved on to reality star Kaitlynn Carter and now Aussie singer Cody Simpson.

"Joined at the hip" with brother Chris since the summer split, she continued, "You always find support in your family." As of late, that's led to many trips Down Under, where Brown is also planning to spend the holidays. (Though it's worth noting that her hometown of Sydney is some nine hours from where the Hemsworths grew up in Melbourne.) 

With our without his new love at his side, the beaches of Australia are healing, says a source. "He needed to get out of town and away from it all to be able to get some perspective," the source told E! News. "He is with the people he loves and just taking each day as it comes. Everyone has been very supportive and trying to take his mind off of things. He's not in a rush to figure out where to go next." 

But should his path continue to align with Brown's, well, we'd imagine that she'd learn how to deal.